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(Medical Experiments, continued by m1181...)

Your pheromones are still on overdrive, so you decide not to risk it by going to the university’s management and board. You don’t want to attract any guys with your pheromones.

You also decide that four fuck-toys are plenty and decide not to call their moms or find new girls at the university.

You decide to fuck one of your already existing sex-slaves. You enter your slaves’ room, and decide to call Doctor Mandy over, since the smaller girl and Nurse Jenny are otherwise engaged and the fit girl is half asleep.

Doctor Mandy decides to start sucking you off. She clearly wants to be your favorite slave, because she’s really going at it. She is far from quiet though, and all of the other girls hear you both. After thoroughly covering your dick with saliva, Doctor Mandy sees the other girls behind her, and they look jealous.

Your sex-slaves start to fight over you until you calm them down by assuring them that everyone will have their turn.

Who will you pick?