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(Medical Experiments, continued by m1181...)

You don’t like sharing, so you decide to leave the Sex Store. Derek looks a bit down, but you’re sure he’ll find someone else. Jenny is your slave.

You realize that Doctor Mandy hasn’t seen your results. You summon your slave. “Slave?”

“Yes Master Steve. I serve your cock and cum,” Nurse Jenny says.

You reply, “Take me back to Doctor Mandy.”

Your slave takes you back to the lab where Doctor Mandy works. Doctor Mandy is almost done for the day when you arrive, but she is clearly astonished with the results from her serum.

Doctor Mandy can’t resist you. She is drawn to your newly-enlarged cock and she starts to suck it. The Doctor bobs up and down as she sucks your cock, massaging the tip with her tongue work. After covering it with saliva, the Doctor starts to ride you.

Mandy keeps going up and down on you. She increases the tempo until she is on the brink of cumming, then squirts all over the lab floor and your chest.

You are on the edge of exploding. You pull out and spray your cum all over Jenny’s face. She smiles and says, “Thank you for your cum, Master.”

After this, you and Jenny go back to your apartment. You go to your bedroom and you order your slave to give you a blowjob. She fulfils your request. After you eat her out, she squirts all over the bed. It is apparent on her face that she wants your cock up inside her. So you spread her on the bed and start fucking her. You fit all you can of yourself inside her tight hole and thrust fast.

“Fuck! Daddy I’m cumming,” Jenny screams. She has a bigger orgasm than the first, coating the walls of the room with her juices. You cum inside her, and she thanks you for your cum as always. You could really get used to this.

The End