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(Medical Experiments, continued by m1181...)

As you let yourself out, you sneak around several FBI agents and the security guards and run towards your apartment as fast as you can go.

Once you arrive at your apartment, you find that, somehow, Doctor Mandy, Nurse Jenny, and Agent Isabella are all waiting for you. Their faces immediately light up as soon as they see you walk in.

Agent Isabella orders Nurse Jenny and Doctor Mandy to return you to normal or else they will face serious legal consequences. Nurse Jenny injects you with serum that is supposed to return you to normal. After ten minutes of waiting, your dick returns to its normal size.

“It’s still huge!” Agent Isabella exclaims.

The Doctor, Nurse, and you all assure the FBI agent that it’s the same size as it was before the experiment.

“Well,” Agent Isabella says, “I need that in me!”

“So do I!” exclaims Nurse Jenny.

Doctor Mandy joins in, “I do too!”

The three women start undressing you and sit you down on your couch. Nurse Jenny and Doctor Mandy suck your cock, while Agent Isabella sits on your face and you eat her out. You lap up and down Isabella’s pussy while also getting a very good blowjob. Isabella screams, “I’m cumming!” and cums in your face.

Nurse Jenny then trades places with Agent Isabella. With Jenny on your face, you continue to eat her out while Isabella and Mandy blow you.

After Jenny cums on your face, she trades places with the Doctor. You eat out the Doctor too and she also cums all over your face. They fight over who gets to fuck you first, but in the end, Doctor Mandy wins.

She straddles you and starts to bounce up and down until Nurse Jenny wants a turn.

“Fuck! That’s it, keep going right there!” Nurse Jenny moans.

Eventually, Agent Isabella grows impatient and wants her turn. So she sits down on the couch. You get up and shove your cock inside her. You begin to fuck the FBI agent hard until you feel that familiar feeling rush through you.

“I’m gonna cum!” you exclaim to the girls. They get on their knees and you spray your seed all over their faces.

The End