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(Medical Experiments, continued by m1181...)

You decide to do the right thing and command the criminal to go to the local police station to turn himself in. And plus, you want your girlfriends all to yourself.

You are starting to enjoy your new power, but you start to miss your girlfriends, so you proceed to go back to the Doctor’s apartment.

Once you arrive at Doctor Mandy’s apartment, you command her to call Nurse Jenny over and to make you some food. You don’t want to wait for Nurse Jenny to arrive, so you command Doctor Mandy to undress and start sucking your dick. Doctor Mandy does just that. She gets naked, takes off your belt, pants, and underwear, and begins sucking.

You hear a knock at the door and command Mandy to, “stop for a second so I can go let Jenny in.” Nurse Jenny enters and you order her to strip off her clothes. With both of your girlfriends naked, you command them to kiss each other.

What follows is the hottest kiss you’ve ever seen, but you want in on the action too. So you order Jenny to come over to you and you start to shove your dick up her tight, wet pussy.

You thrust in and out of the nurse and both of you are enjoying yourselves. While you’re inside the nurse, you can feel your mind control wearing off. Nurse Jenny and Doctor Mandy suddenly start wondering what is happening.

Undisturbed by this, you continue to fuck the brains out of Nurse Jenny. Even though she is confused, she still clearly enjoys what is going on. “Don’t stop” she says, as she orgasms. She sprays her girl juices all over Doctor Mandy’s apartment.

Also very confused, Doctor Mandy smiles. “He must be really good,” she says.

Nurse Jenny replies, “I don’t know who he is, but that was the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had.”

Doctor Mandy tells herself that she doesn’t want to just sit there and watch her colleague have all the fun, so she continues where Nurse Jenny left off. You fuck the Doctor harder and faster.

The Doctor exclaims, “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna cum!” You’re not far away from cumming yourself either. The Doctor squirts pussy juice all over you. You continue to pound her pussy until you empty your balls inside of her.

All three of you go take a shower, and then you explain to the Doctor and the Nurse who you are and what happened.

They are happy that their serum worked so well, but they seem happier that they had the best sex of their lives.

The End