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(Medical Experiments, continued by Seton...)

Pushing Nurse Jenny aside, you leave the room, knowing exactly what to do next. As you walk away, you undress, so that people can’t see your clothes floating around.

As soon as you arrive back on the main campus you spot your target: the gym, or more specifically, the girls’ locker room.

As you walk past all the hot, unaware college girls, your dick hardens into a huge fuck-tool. You could easily embarrass any of these girls with a hard fucking, and they wouldn’t have any idea that it was you who did it. But you ignore all of them, following a cheerleading team made up of particularly hot and petite girls.

You slip into the gym with them, and then the locker room.

You stand by the door as they all begin to undress. Quietly, you lock the door using a spare key you found outside. Hiding it in a locker, you sneak up behind one girl, who is just beginning to put on her cheerleading costume. Without warning, you yank her panties down.

“Hey!” she yells, and turns around to see who did it. You step back, and see a nice view of her shaven pussy. Licking your lips, you grab the confused girl’s bra and undo it, pulling it off and revealing her small, perky, tits.

“What the fuck?” she screams, her face bright red. All the other girls have crowded against the lockers, as far away from the naked girl as possible.

Smiling, you shove the poor girl down onto the bench in a lying position. You force her legs apart, and shove your cock as far into her as possible. It looks strange, her pussy being stretched open by seemingly nothing, but you are distracted from it by the feeling of her tight little cunt wrapping around your cock.

The girl flattens herself against the bench, paralyzed by shock.

You start to thrust.

When she feels you moving in and out, she starts to panic and struggle, thrashing and trying to escape, but you hold her down.

“W-what the f-fuck?” she moans, obviously feeling pleasure from your massive cock.

You start to thrust rapidly, and you grab her hands and hold them above her head, and then you move your other hand to grab her throat, choking her slightly. As you thrust faster and harder, she stops resisting and begins to moan. The sound of her moaning pushes you over the edge, and you quickly pull out, sending spurts of seed splattering onto her chest and tits.

For some reason, your cum isn’t invisible, so all the other girls can see you spurt all over your first victim.

Stepping back, you look around at all the girls who are in various stages of undress.

For some reason, your cock is still as hard as ever, probably a side effect of what the nurse gave you. You grin deviously, wondering which girl you should fuck next.