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(Medical Experiments, continued by chain93729...)

What was once your dick rises up proudly, secreting a pheromone cocktail that is warping the minds of girls inside and outside. You wait as your tentacles — ribbed, grotesque members — penetrate, squeeze, pull, tease and milk the two girls. Mandy in particular is writhing vigorously as your special ass-fucking tentacle pushes in bit by bit. Like anal beads, the process begins with a fist-sized vibrating blob (you suspect that something you’re secreting is responsible for allowing a virgin ass take something like that, or she isn’t actually a virgin) then a tenuous stretch of slime, before the next blob punches through.

A red-haired woman appears through the tent flap and you instinctively reach for her, only to find….Whoa!

“Madam Headmistress… what a surprise!”

“Shut up beast!” She tries to take your penis into her mouth and you are pleased to find that her failure makes her try harder, while four darkened patches on her beige suit steadily expand. You push her off and hold her at tentacle’s length just as she begins to make headway.

“I really can’t do this with a married woman Ma’am. Unless you agree to my terms.”


Orgasm denial. Such a sweet weapon, watching her struggle as fire courses through her.

“First, go out and tell the other ladies to find some rope, and tie their hands up in front of them like in prayer.”

The headmistress quickly stalks out, barks out the order and dashes back in.

“Next, poke two fingers into your asshole, churn until I say stop, lick and tell me what it tastes like.”


A tentacle rips through her blouse buttons, making her yelp and comply.