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(Medical Experiments, continued by chain93729...)

“Okay girls, I know you want nothing more than for me to pound your pussies, get a swollen belly, and give birth to my child. The problem is that I still have to go out, and I know the feel of sex wrecking your head. So, Mandy, come up and I will demonstrate what you should all do when you need a good fuck when I am out.”

Doctor Mandy grins as if she had just won a million dollars as she strips and puffs her breasts out.

“First of all, swallow the green pill,” you say, handing it to Mandy. A pleasant shiver runs down her spine as she swallows.

“Next, swallow the orange pill. And then apply this lotion to your clit, pussy lips and anus. Don’t take this chance to masturbate.” You emphasize the point with a warning glare.

“Then put this plug in your back hole, and this string of beads up your pee hole.” Mandy has little trouble for both.

“Finally, lock the spreader bar to the ground hoop, and cuff your hands to the wall hoops.”

The end result is Mandy leaning over with her butt hanging in the air, unable to touch herself as her need is raging thanks to the lotion. She wiggles her glistening ass furiously, but it is clear that her need for cock is only growing stronger.

You beckon to the small redhead whose inheritance made all this possible. “ Come here.” She pads over, and you furiously pound her doggy-style until you cum in her cunt. Mandy’s frustrated whimpering serves as excellent background music as you then proceed to fuck the other two girls. With a grin, you chain the little redhead, Nurse Jenny and the tall blonde up next to Mandy in the same fashion and leave the basement that serves as their room, leaving their groans and cries muted behind the door.

You need to deal with the people who would come looking for them first.