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(Medical Experiments, continued by chain93729...)

You are pissed. And very aware of a sensation.

“The girls are mine! AND ONLY MINE!”

Before the two new superstuds react to your RAGE, you freeze and rewind back to the time before you injected them. Then you choose the vials named “Stupid” and inject the undiluted transparent liquid into their veins. Finally you tie them up with their clothes and unfreeze the room. They begin to groan as the serum burns through their body.

Doctor Mandy and Nurse Jenny stare at the scene in shock, not minding their own nudity. “Steve? Did you do this?” Mandy is shocked. And very angry, as in ‘I promise a painful death’ angry.

How careful of you. The vials and needles marked with “Stupid” are right on the table.


“Then there is no other way. Steve, here are my car keys. Follow the instructions on the dashboard. Jenny, hand in my resignation.”

“Wait a moment, I can just undo this!” A little spark kicks back into your head as you try to turn back time again… only to come dangerously close to passing out.

“You cannot change time around people injected with the Stupid serum Steve, this is the reason why it even exists. A very diluted version is used to discipline misbehaving students but undiluted… there is only one way to keep them in check. Both of you go!”

You and Jenny race out, with you headed straight for the parking lot. With a slam you get into the driver’s seat and pick up the instructions.


You open the trunk and find a portable cage. You leave it on the ground and stuff the back seats of the car in.


Carrying the surprisingly light cage, you dash back to find Doctor Mandy writhing between the two Stupids. You pull one off of her and roll him into the cage despite his painful childish bawling. Together with Mandy you put the other one in too and lock the cage.

Wheezing, you finally register her abused lips and ripped clothes. “I’m terribly sorry,” you manage. She just sighs and gestures for you to help her move the cage out. The two of you haul it into the empty back of the car.

“Will we meet again?”

“Hopefully not, Steve. The FDA, among other agencies, would love to know how you could be… useful. To meeting this time only, Steve.” Mandy blows you a kiss and drives off.

You stand there dumbfounded for a few moments. Then you leave the parking lot, the block, the street, the town and the state. You look to the sky, but no guidance comes forth.

Years later, you have become a shady man-for-hire for insecure rich people across the world, because you can go back in time and make plans imperfect, giving your customers in the future a chance to topple their opponents. You sometimes realize with amusement the targets you spy on or manipulate are other customers that also have requested your service. How interesting.

Oh, and after multiple relationship failures due to your strange schedule, traffic ‘accidents’, exploding TVs and iPads, and a Stupid ambush, you find Doctor Mandy once again, but you wisely stay in the shadows, knowing there is no old fire to rekindle. Since that day, you are often jolted awake by the painful coolness on the other side of your bed as you reach for a nonexistent bed-mate.

The End