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(Medical Experiments, continued by chain93729...)

This is the most exhilarating sex of your life. Naturally, since your nerves are growing at a monstrous rate, overloading your brain with touch and scent.

New pathways forming in your brain guide your tentacles to wrap around her limbs, which you proceed… to melt.

“Steve!”Jenny shrieks as she notices what is happening and quickly launches a counterattack by shooting a blob of stomach acid at you. It’s your turn to shriek as your left pinkie and a sensitive tentacle-head get burned away. But you still manage to reduce Jenny’s old limbs to meaty stumps — which (being the dickhead you are) you proceed to fuck, despite all her screaming, to distract her from using her new chemistry against you.

Suffice to say you totally didn’t see this coming; as a matter of fact, you can’t see anymore, because Jenny hurled some biting chemical into your eyes while you were fucking her.


In your pain-rage she finally takes out your left arm and pumps you with a blood-burning liquid that smells like a florist’s, but the pain in your eyes and nose are too great, so you fight the urge to penetrate deep and hard as you madly bombard Jenny with a myriad of acids, aphrodisiacs and other whatnot.

When Doctor Mandy arrives in the room, she sees only a puddle of icky, greenish liquid.

“Geez… PCR-X8 is a little too potent. Possible induction of excessive adrenaline….”

As she jots down observations and questions to confirm by watching surveillance, your blind red eyes and light-detecting tentacles follow in interest.

Turning to leave, the doctor’s head jolts up in apparent shock.

“I have a better way for you to confirm your theories, doctor.”

All is silent for a second. Then her pen drops and in the background, a little pop is heard.