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(Medical Experiments, continued by chain93729...)

You ponder letting your strange kids join in, but the ladies are technically their mothers, so it seems a little incestuous. And you come up with the most brilliant idea in your inhuman brain.

Seconds later Jenny’s kids are banging Doctor Mandy, while her kids are all over the nurse.

You watch with fascination as the two sexy bodies in front of you undergo transformations which you suspect is beyond human science. With more wombs on the way due to the pheromone gush you sent through the keyhole, the doctor and nurse are restrained in the same position by your children: face-up, hands held behind their backs, arching up due to triple penetration with one tentacle in each hole, while their nipples are being pulled on by the same tentacle that ties up their hands, and a final one taking detours down their gullets.

You savor the moans and grunts and fuck-noises in the background. The day is just getting better, you think, as footsteps approach the closed door.