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(Medical Experiments, continued by Klol...)

“I sure as hell do,” says Nurse Jenny in trepidation. You’re standing in front of her and she’s got her back against the wall. Unlike the doctor, whom you just fucked, you want to have some fun with this one.

Nurse Jenny is visibly drooling and dripping. Your eyes rest on her breasts. They’re massive and shapely. She’s one of those rare busty girls whose breasts don’t sag much in spite of their size. They’re milky, natural, and all for your taking.

Her hands grab your hips and yank you towards her body. You’re pressed up against her every curve, and your rock hard dick is digging into her stomach. You feel one cool hand hold you behind your head as she gets on her toes to whisper something in your ear. As her other hands grab your ass you hear, “I need you to fuck me hard, and fuck me now. Please. Just fucking do me. Use me like the slut I am.”

That’s all the encouragement you need. You pull her leg up and hook it over your arm and shove your hard dick into her sopping wet cunt. As you penetrate her, she screams, “Fuck!” and you smile like a champion taking his spoils of war.

You hammer Jenny good for some time, during which she’s already had a number of intense orgasms. Now you’re just slamming into her tired, sweaty, satisfied body. Your orgasm has been building for some time, too, and it hasn’t been easy to hold it back. Watching her moan and bite you and the feeling of her tight cunt around your cock is almost overwhelming. But now it’s time.

“In or out, baby?” you ask her, like a gentleman.

She’s so tired she barely registers the question, keeps humping you.

“In or out?”

“Yes, baby, in and out. In. And. Out.” she smiles, humping more furiously now.

The feeling of her body pulling you in becomes altogether too much for you — and you ejaculate copiously in her open cunt. After you’re done, you pull out. You’re finally softening up! That’s a relief.

“Did you just come inside me?” Nurse Jenny asks hoarsely, looking shocked.

“Hey, I asked you abo-”

“Are you insane? You just fucking came in me, what the fuck am I?” The nurse is clearly losing it. But thankfully, Doctor Mandy has a suggestion.

“Hey”, she says from the floor, “I could suck it out of your cunt if you want. But only if Steve lets us inject him again.”