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(Medical Experiments, continued by MDYIC...)

Your eyes blur up for a second but you quickly blink it away. “Huh I guess it was nothing.”

Nurse Jenny just awkwardly smiles at you and nods. “Well that’s that, and unless you have any other questions or concerns you are free to go.”

You laugh a little bit. “No I guess not, although I would have appreciated not being used as a toy to stave off your boredom,” you say only half-seriously.

Instantly her face becomes dead serious. “Oh my god, you’re right, I am so sorry.” She sounds serious but you know she’s got to be sarcastic and just mocking you again.

“Yeah… well don’t do it again” you say, giving her a strange look.

“Of course sir, it will never happen again I promise.” She seems oddly honest.

You glance at her once more before walking out into the lobby. In your confusion you run straight into a woman in a lab coat who you instantly recognize as the “doctor” from the picture. “Oh god my bad,” you quickly reply.

“Oh no problem.” She sees the nurse cleaning up the used needles. “I trust you had a pleasant test today”

You realize you’ve been spending most of the conversation looking at her body but come back in at the end. “Well yeah I guess… I mean other than your nurse in there who seems to insist on being a sarcastic ass half the time,” you say rubbing your still sore ass. “You should really talk to her about that.”

Right away the doctor looks at you apologetically. “Oh god I’m so sorry, I’ll get right on that!” Without missing a beat the doctor storms into the other room and you hear her harassing the young nurse.

You instantly feel bad and run into the room to the sounds of fighting. “Girls stop!” you say, getting in between them. They instantly stop fighting and look at you. You choose to ignore it, as strange as it seems. “I don’t want anyone fired, I’m just bothered is all. She didn’t really do anything wrong,” you say to the doctor. “Now just hug and makeup” you say with a chuckle as you head for the door.

Right away the two girls smile and pull each other into a deep, passionate hug causing you to stop. They begin to apologize to each other as if nothing had happened. This you can’t let go, you go back up to them and look at them strangely. “Okay,” you say, interrupting their apologies. “Now high-five and make up.”

Once again right away the girls clap their hands together and begin to apologize to each other.

“Okay, now kiss!” You watch as the two busty babes pull the other into a passionate kiss. You begin to get hard watching their soft lips and bodies pressed together. Your mind begins to race with possibilities. “But you shouldn’t be wearing shirts… or pants for that matter.”

They both apologize and begin to strip down into just their bras and tight panties as they continue to kiss. This is all too much to handle and you reach down and begin to rub your hard cock through your pants.

Doctor Mandy looks over at you instantly. “What the hell are you doing?”

You freeze. “Oh, just rubbing myself.” You’re honest because you have no idea what to say. “Just go with it and keep going.”

She smiles “okay” and continues to kiss the nurse.