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(Medical Experiments, continued by MDYIC...)

You stand there, rock hard, rubbing your cock through your pants. At this point you assume anything goes and begin to undo your pants so your erection springs out and can be rubbed freely. You’re already leaking pre-cum. You continue to stroke and watch in awe as the barely-clothed girls kiss for your enjoyment.

“Fuck I need to feel something,” you say, reaching your hand out. The nurse amazingly lets you take hold of her covered tits and rub your hand over her silky bra, but you want more. “Now strip girls, no underwear.”

With no arguing the two sexy babes quickly peel off their tight bras and panties and… wow! Both of their bodies are flawless and you don’t know where to start. You strip down along with them, your mind spinning with possibilities. You have two gorgeous babes under your control and can’t decide what to do!

“Hmmmm… you’ll take turns,” you tell them, finally making up your mind. “Doctor Mandy, start rubbing yourself and Jenny, start sucking on my member here,” you say with a smile. Instantly the sexy doctor begins to rub her pussy lustfully, her huge tits bouncing with horny stroke. Meanwhile the nurse who had previously mocked you is on her knees, sucking and rubbing away like there’s no tomorrow. It doesn’t take long for you to feel probably the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever had begin to build up.

“Fuck… switch,” you manage to say. The busty doctor comes over to service your balls and the nurse moves aside, rubbing her pussy. You only make it to five minutes of groping and sucking before you let out a lustful grunt and fill the doctor’s mouth and cover her face with hot sticky cum.

“Swallow it all,” you order her, beginning to feel very dominant. Mandy willingly gulps down the cum. In a matter of seconds you’re already rock-hard and ready to fill another hole.

You call over Nurse Jenny, whose pussy is now soaked from all the rubbing. “Both of you bend over the table, at least one of you is getting a pussy full of cum today,” you say and watch as they bend over and spread themselves for you.

You finally get a good look at their wet, tight pussies. The nurse has a little bit of natural hair while the doctor is clean shaven. You start by fingering then both simultaneously to feel their sheer wetness. However it doesn’t take long for your instinct to take control. You grab the nurse by the hips and slowly guide your cock into her quivering pussy, both of you letting out long moans of relief.

You begin slowly, guiding your hard cock in and out of her, getting used to her tightness. However it doesn’t take long until you start aggressively ramming yourself into her.

After a few minutes of raw fucking you pull out and begin the same process with the doctor, making her big tits swing in unison with your thrusts. She’s not as tight as the nurse but her curves make up for it.

You continue to swap between the two until finally, when you’re fucking the newly-slutty nurse, the orgasm build-up is all too much. “Ahh FUCK!”

You let out a grunt and begin to pump Jenny’s soaked cunt full of warm cum. For all you know she might be knocked up now but you don’t care. You pull out and rub your spent cock.

“Alright doctor, lick her clean,” you command and watch as the doctor begin to lick your cum from the nurse’s quivering cunt. This was the best decision you ever made.

But is the effect of your new-found power of suggestion limited to just Jenny and Mandy?