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(Medical Experiments, continued by MDYIC...)

You slip back on your clothes and collect your things. “Alright girls, you’re free to go back to work, but I’ll be back sooner than later,” you say, walking out as the girls proudly redress themselves.

You walk out the door on to the sidewalk and instantly feel like you can do anything but don’t know where to start. It’s probably best you do a test first.

A tall blonde woman walks by in a tight dress with her hair done up in a ponytail. “Hey,” you say, stopping her. “Let your hair down.”

“Oh sorry,” she says and, without skipping a beat, she pulls out her hair tie and shakes her hair free before walking off.

This is amazing! You can control anyone and everyone. In a daze you make your way down the street, with no specific location in mind.

The sidewalks are relatively empty as it is later in the day, the perfect time to have some fun. A short brunette walks by with decent tits in a light yellow dress.

“Hey,” you shout and she stops in her tracks. “This is a no-clothes zone! What do you think you’re doing?”

“Oh god! My bad sir,” she responds in shock, with genuine fear and apology in her voice. Within seconds she is stripping off her dress and underwear until she is standing there completely naked for you to see.

“Now sit down and start rubbing yourself,” you command her. Without question she sits down on the sidewalk for the world to see and begins rubbing already-wet pussy.

You can feel yourself rock hard again and decide to join in. You walk over to her and pull out your shaft before quickly beginning to rub it over her nude body. It doesn’t take long for you to shoot a hot load of cum all over her big tits and body, right as she rubs herself into a loud moaning orgasm and her voice fills the street.

You tuck your cock back in your pants. “Okay good, you’re free to go — but no clothes.” She nods and skips down the street, cum-covered and tits bouncing.

You quickly make your way down the street towards home. Now that you know you can control everyone it’s time you took care of some personal matters.