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(Medical Experiments, continued by MDYIC...)

You live in an apartment complex, not exactly luxury but it but the landlord is nice enough to get you off real cheap due to your money predicament. As you climb the stairs to your room your mind wanders. Who’s next? Where should I go? Then you remember why you came.

You get to your room and look to the right at the room directly across from yours. It is there that Stacey lives. If you were to rank every annoying bitch in the world starting with the worst, you’d start with her. She takes every chance to mock you and demean your poverty and if she ever found out about the experiment thing she would never let you live it down. But damn, she is hot.

Despite her attitude she is gorgeous, but not like beautiful gorgeous, sexy gorgeous. The kind of gorgeous that you would pay to see in lingerie in downtown. She has huge bulging 36E cup tits, and their size is only accented by her thin waist and giant round beautiful ass. She has medium length black curls and puffy lips that are just begging to be wrapped around a cock. It doesn’t help that she has an affinity for skinny jeans and thin white shirts. You’ve lost count of how many times you’d dreamt and came to the thought of ramming your cock deep into her to teach that bitch a lesson.

With your cock harder than it has been all day you walk up to her door and knock. Within a few seconds she is standing there, skinny jeans and all.

“Ugh Steve, come to beg for some spare change?” she laughs, “or did the landlord finally kick you out after all this time?”

You have gotten used to this ridicule but now it is finally time for some comeback.

“Gee those are some big words Stacey, especially coming from someone as inferior as yourself,” you say with a grin. “I’m surprised you would ever insult your master like that.”

Right away her expression changes to one of sheer horror, afraid of what she has just said. “Oh my god,” you can see her eyes water up a little. “M-master forgive me, I’m so sorry. Please…”

Your grin turns into a full on smile — you’ve been waiting for this forever. “Hmmm I could forgive you slave? Or I could teach you a lesson about respecting your master.” As you say this you push her into her room (a sight you would have sold your left arm just to see a few days ago) and lead her to her bed.

The place is littered with women’s clothing and underwear, and as much as you would like to stay and sniff the panties you have work to do. You push Stacey onto her bed as you feel your dominant side begin to emerge more and more.

You stare at her watery eyes, pleading for forgiveness and try to decide what to do.