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(Medical Experiments, continued by MDYIC...)

You look down at her and smile. “Alright bitch,” you say grabbing her. “First off you won’t be needing these clothes!”

In one swift move you tear her thin shirt and pull down her tight jeans. Her lingerie alone is a sight to behold, just as lacy and slutty as you could have hoped. However you have more pressing matters and quickly rip it off.

You take a quick second to gawk at her gorgeous nude curves and smooth tits. You start by squeezing them and playing with them as you consider what to do.

“Hmmm, on your stomach Stacey, and lie down,” you command. Without hesitation she lies down for you and you position yourself behind her. There you stand, your hard cock in hand, her ass cheeks spread, at a crossroad. Take her unquestionably amazing pussy or her bountiful ass…

After a split second decision you ram your cock into her ass and damn! She is tight. Tighter than either the doctor or the nurse. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass, cunt?”

“N-no” she says, trembling from pain. Her response fuels you with a new invigoration as you take her anal virginity. You begin to force yourself in and out of her despite the pressure.

All Stacey can do is scream and moan as she obeys your every command. The more you fuck her the looser she gets, but not by much and within about twenty minutes of nirvana the tightness of her ass mixed with her moans is all too much.

“Fuck!” you groan and begin to pump her tiny ass full of hot cum. Much of it spills out of the sides due to a lack of room while the rest fills up her body.

Afterwards you pull out and she lightly rubs her sore ass. “How was that my lovely little cunt slave?”