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(Medical Experiments, continued by TheUnknown699669...)

Your mind starts burning up, “Ugh, I don’t feel so good,” you say as objects start lifting up around you. “I have a great idea,” you say devilishly.

You pick up Nurse Jenny with your mind and stretch her arms and legs out. She struggles, but to no avail. You start, literally, undressing her with your mind. You strip her of her nurse uniform and her bra and panties.

You bring her closer with her mind and start fondling her breasts. She tries to scream, but you shut her mouth with your mind, then you start fingering her. You can hear muffled moans coming from her, then you start sucking on her tits and biting her nipples. She sounds like she’s going to burst, so you lower her down to the floor with your mind, still restrained.

You start licking Jenny’s pussy and it doesn’t take that much time before she covers your face with her tasty juices. You take out your throbbing cock and start repeatedly slamming your manhood into her. You let her open her mouth so you can hear her moan, and boy, is she moaning. You finally reach your climax and cum as hard as you can into her.

You get up, put your little guy back in your pants, let go of the nurse with your mind, take the money, and leave.