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(Medical Experiments, continued by WetCat...)

“Oh God, Please Master!” you yell in a high pitched girly voice. “Fuck my little ass with your godly cock!” You can’t control yourself. You want daddy to fuck you. You want to be daddy’s little slut.

“I knew you would break eventually!” he says and with one quick motion he impales you, making you let out a girly scream of pleasure. Tears begin to roll down your face. Your pussy is aching to be filled with cock.

As though he reads your mind, another huge cock sprouts from his crotch and prods at your slit. Himeros pulls back and thrusts forward again, this time filling both your holes. “AAAAAHHHH…” you scream, your mind overwhelmed with pleasure at the feeling of both your tight openings being stretched. “Ah Ah Ahhh…”

“We can’t have you making so much noise, Steve, can we?” he chuckles. Suddenly another Himeros appears in front of you, his erect dick grazing your lips. Not wanting to upset your master again, you open your mouth wide, awaiting your punishment.

Without hesitating, Himeros shoves his entire length down your throat, right to the base. You feel the urge to scream but it just comes out as a muffled moan. With nothing else to do, you just sit there, letting your master ravage every hole in your body. You experiencd orgasm after orgasm as he unloads all his godly seed inside you again and again. You begin to lose track of time. You feel like you have been here for hours.

Without waring he pulls out, uncuffing you and flipping you onto your back. You look down in shock. Your belly is bloated so much that you look nine months pregnant. As cum begins to leak out of your mouth and ass, you black out.

You awake, hastily leaning up only to let out a sigh of relief as you see that you’re back in your room at home. But you quickly realize that your sigh sounded too feminine. Looking down you notice that you’re still female… and that your stomach is still bulging full of cum.

Your mind is racing with possibilities of what to do. On one hand you could go back to the university and see if the nurse will be able to help. On the other however, you feel this burning desire to explore your new body.