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(Midterm Maelstrom, continued...)

Professor Sullivan is wearing brown corduroy pants and the kind of brown jacket with patches on the elbows that professors always seem to wear in movies. He has unruly, curly hair, bushy eyebrows, and a mustache. He seems pleasantly surprised that you decided to sit down next to him.

He seems pleased when you tell him (more-or-truthfully) that you enjoy his lectures; he seems even more pleased when you tell him (less-truthfully) that you loved his book The Space Between Spaces: A Survey of Subatomic Particles Elucidated for the Intelligent Layman.

He reaches over and touches your forearm, and the unexpected contact makes you jump. He tells you that he has noticed you in class before, and that you are a very bright, possibly even brilliant, and despite yourself you blush. He takes a sip from his drink, and tells you that you are also very beautiful.

Lara Cunningham looks up from across the room where she is helping the Delmsey twins solve a complicated problem in knot theory involving transferring a piece of twine from one set of fingers to another, and gives you a highly significant look.

Professor Sullivan stretches lazily, and suggests that you step out back with him to smoke a cigarette. When you tell him that you don’t smoke, he asks if you’d like to go out back and gaze up at the stars together. Lara gives you another look, a smile that you cannot read.