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(Midterm Maelstrom, continued...)

Much like the house’s feline namesake, the party is both dead and alive. At a large, plywood table down in the basement, the math department is taking on the physics department in a rowdy, highly-modified, caffeine and cannabis augmented, time-travel version of Axis and Allies.

The rest of the house is dark and relatively quiet. A few people are hanging around on couches and comfortable chairs, nursing drinks and chatting amiably. Sacchidananda and Paul conveniently disappear, leaving you socially stranded. You look around for someone to talk to.

There is Professor Sullivan, forty- or fifty- something, looking comfortably rumpled and drinking whiskey out of a large glass. It is for his lecture class that you are writing that all-important midterm paper. Or, more accurately at the moment, not writing it.

There is Mike Gauss, a nineteen-year old ex-football player who is both very smart and a total meathead, and who is only here because his dad insisted he stay in school after he got cut from the varsity football team, and physics is the subject that comes easiest to him.

There are the Delmsey twins; quiet, weird, and almost spectral, engaged in some intense private conversation.

There is Lara Cunningham, a freckly redhead with small angular boobs and a wide butt who, it is rumored, gets her good grades by boinking professors both male and female. You know Lara, and she is no dumb bunny; but she is also kind of lazy and projects an image that is kind of slutty. So maybe it’s true.