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(Midterm Maelstrom, continued...)

The Delmsey twins, Fay and Ray, are not identical twins, but they are so similar you have difficulty telling them apart. One is male and one is female, but you aren’t sure which is which. They are dressed in matching salmon jumpsuits and grey sneakers, and their blonde hair is cropped short. Their skin is so pale that it is almost translucent, and their eyes are ghostly blue.

As you sit down next to them, one pulls out a loop of twine from a jumpsuit pocket and they start looping it around their fingers, passing it from hand to hand in a complex game of Cat’s Cradle.

In class, they usually function as a unit; they are lab partners, and often when called on one will begin answering a question and the other will finish.

“We’re testing out String Theory,” one of them (Fay?) tells you, and they both giggle excessively as if at some private joke.

“To see if it works,” the other one explains. This may be Ray, the voice seems more masculine. “I think it’s a zero-sum game, but she disagrees.”

The twine is getting more and more twisted and knotted between their ten long, skinny, meticulously manicured fingers. All of a sudden the hands are removed, and it falls to the floor, a single, unbent loop.

“Do you feel like watching us fool around?” Fay asks.

“We’re really horny,” Ray explains.

“We don’t like other people touching us,” Fay says, “But we like to be watched.”

“It helps us get off.”

“Want to come upstairs with us?”