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Morning Tug

The truck that backfires in front of Neil’s window rudely ends his slumber, and as his head falls back into his pillow he gives vent to a sincere wish that its owner might experience everlasting torture in hellfire for their transgression. He sleepily turns over to check his phone, resigning himself to the acknowledgement that the sunlight streaming through his window will not let him go back to sleep. Turning off his alarm, he unplugs his phone and lets it fall to the bed. Through the wall, he can hear water running, an indicator that his girlfriend is still in the shower. Without cause to get up, he welcomes the opportunity to stay under the covers, enjoying the sensation of soft fabric against his body.

Once again, Neil curses the rude awakening that the truck has given him, robbing the last few minutes of his rest. He had been having such a good dream too. You and he had been watching a movie, he can’t remember which, and he is pretty sure aliens had come to steal your popcorn or something. The important part is that he had fought off some intrusive force, you had been very impressed, and you were about to give him a celebratory blowjob when you were rudely interrupted by the backfiring truck. Neil sighs as his thoughts flicker over you. As he shifts, the blanket moves and gets caught on something, tugging at his body. He smiles as his hand glides over his bare chest, under the blanket, and comes to rest on the waistband of his boxers.

Responding to both his touch and the thoughts of you that he is now entertaining, Neil’s already semi-erect cock grows steadily harder. He sighs as his hand moves lower, gently caressing himself through the fabric. He notes that his girlfriend’s shower is still in progress, giving him some time to entertain himself. His thumbs hook under the waistband and he imagines you in bed with him, giving him a smile. Your hands run up his chest, along his arms, and your fingers intertwine with his as you press your body against him. He imagines your soft lips against his, your tongue in his mouth, his hands running up your bare torso, your hips pressing against his. You will move to kiss his neck, your hands moving to his chest as you kiss his shoulder, his chest, then his stomach, giving him a wink before finally kissing his rock-hard cock through his boxers.

Neil’s hand can feel the fabric straining around his raging erection as he imagines you kissing the head of his cock through the fabric. You slide a hand over his thigh, caressing him and gradually slipping your hand up through the leg of his boxers. Your fingers lightly play along his skin, finally reaching his heavy, loose balls. As you take them in your soft hand, you look up with a mischievous smile.

“These feel far too full,” you whisper. “You must be in agony, carrying around so much weight. Why don’t I help out a little?”

He groans, letting his head fall back as he strokes himself lightly through his boxers. He imagines you taking the head of his cock into your mouth as your hand lightly squeezes his balls. He imagines the warmth of your mouth on him and the feeling of soaking fabric on his skin. As Neil’s thoughts entertain these images and his hands freely roam over his body, the fabric against his penis becomes soaked. Precum flows freely from his cock head, leaving a growing dark spot on his boxers. Through the wall, he hears the shower turn off, the signal that he had better finish his reverie sooner rather than later.

Neil imagines you finally pulling his boxers off, smiling as you take his cock in your hands, stroking him fully. You look up at him, wink again, then spit on his cock, rubbing your saliva in before finishing him off. With his eyes still closed, he brings his hand to his mouth, runs his tongue over it, and places it over the head of his cock. He imagines looking down at the top of your head as you take him into your mouth, your hair hiding his cock from view as he feels the warmth and wetness of your mouth. His hand slides lower as he imagines watching your head sink down, warmth and wetness slowly encasing his shaft. You slowly begin to bob your head up and down, moving lower each time, until your lips brush against his churning balls. Here you pause, bringing a hand up to brush your hair away, and you lock eyes with him. Your eyes stare into his as you again move your lips up his shaft, bobbing your head with a quickening rhythm.

Hearing the door of the bathroom open, Neil reluctantly resolves to wrap up his daydream. He tightens his grip, moves his other hand to fondle his balls, and increases the speed of his stroking. The skin of his cock tightens, pulling against his crotch as his hand reaches the head before pulling taut from the head as his hand descends. He removes his hand to replenish the saliva on his palm, savoring the cool sensation of the air that plays across his damp erection. Allowing his hand to return to his cock, he squeezes a few more drops of precum from his swollen head, massaging them into the skin.

Taking a deep breath, Neil again imagines you taking his cock in your mouth. He knows you can feel how hard he is and that you know how close he is to coming. You run your free hand up his chest, maintaining eye contact this time as you take him deep in your throat. Your wide eyes beg him for his cum, and he can feel his balls churning as he strokes himself faster.

Then it hits.

Neil feels his cock tense as his balls jump slightly. Forgetting himself, he shouts out your name, followed by, “I’m gonna cum!”

His head drops back and his fist tightens around his shaft. Feeling the cum rising, he raises his head to imagine your eyes smiling up at him as he shoots his load down your throat. He opens his eyes. His cock spasms, he gasps and lets out a deep moan as his eyes meet yours. No… wait… hers!

From the door of his room, his girlfriend’s eyes meets his. A light laugh dances behind her lips as they draw up into a smirk. Neil’s fist tightens on his cock as he erupts, spraying a thick rope of cum over his chest and belly. A second jet splatters his neck, and finally a third creates a pool just over his belly button.

His girlfriend looks over his sprawled frame covered in cum as his cock slowly goes limp in his hand. She seems slightly amused, and when she breaks the ensuing silence, she does so with a smug, “Tell him I said hi.”

She turns to go. Mustering the ability to speak, something that has momentarily left him, he manages to gasp out, “Babe! What the fuck! What..? Fuck…”

Glancing over her shoulder, she gives him a wink before walking down the hall.

“Shower’s free!”

The End