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One Small Problem

You are on a date with the one you have been fantasizing about, but then you make an unwelcome discovery! She (or he) is into something you just can't stand. Can your desire overcome your dismay?

This story works for all combinations of male and female. See if you can overcome your differences over 17 pages, with 10 contentious endings.

You can enter anything for the "The thing(s) you hate" option. It should start with a lower-case letter unless it's a proper name (e.g. "football" or "Monday".) If it's plural (more than one, typically ending with an 's', e.g. "pickles" or "Mondays" but not "politics") then choose the "Plural" option.

Written by Angelo, adapted by Hyperdreams.

You are:
Your first name:
The thing(s) you hate:
Is it singular or plural?:
Your date is:
Their name:
Their friend is:
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