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(One Small Problem, continued...)

“You’re kidding?” Drew exclaims. “He doesn’t like pineapple on pizza?”

Drew looks at you with disbelief, her expression mirroring Ash’s.

Ash flashes you a quick look that says I told you so. “I know, right?” she says to Drew, “Puts me in a really awkward place, you know? I mean, I thought he was the real deal.”

Drew nods in reply to Ash’s words. “I remember you telling me. About how much you were looking forward to tonight.” Drew proceeds to look you up and down, and her expression also takes on one of wistful regret. “Damn though, he is fine.”

You are not entirely comfortable with the way the two of them are discussing you like you’re not even here, but at least they are being mostly complimentary.

Then a strange calculating look crosses Drew’s face and she bites her lower lip thoughtfully. “There could be a way to turn this around…” she says.

Ash tilts her head to the side quizzically. “How do you mean?”

“Well, if the only problem with him is being wrong about pineapple on pizza, then maybe we can make him change his mind.”

Ash turns to look at you again, and you are slightly alarmed by the predatory look in her eyes. “There are two of us and only one of him,” she notes.

You raise your hands to ward them off. “Hey now, I don’t know what you are thinking, but if you’re thinking that you can convert me to loving pineapple on pizza somehow…”

“Oh that’s exactly what we’re thinking,” says Drew advancing toward you. At the same time, Ash begins stalking toward you round the other side of the table.

Having both Ash and Drew stalking toward you purposefully sends butterflies through your stomach. You are not sure what they have in mind for you, but you are somehow alarmed and thrilled to find out. Even so, you instinctively back away. They follow after you.

Playing a hunch, you turn and you run, making it to the stairs and then up. Behind you, Drew and Ash give chase and they are hot on your tail. You don’t know if you can escape them. You don’t know if you want to.

By fate, or design, they catch up to you when you reach your bedroom. There they pounce on you and — two against one — they quickly overpower you. Drew holds you tight, whilst Ash proceeds to remove your clothes. With a wicked smile on her face, Ash undoes each button and your shirt gives way. As though unable to resist, Ash runs her hands up and down your chest. “Mmmm,” she purrs, “You look every bit as good as I imagined beneath the wrapper.”

“Save me a piece,” protests Drew, still with her arms around yours, and holding you still.

Ash continues her work and turns her attention to your lower half. Slowly, and deliberately, she removes your pants and underwear. With Ash’s proximity, her touch and her scent, plus the feeling of Drew’s strong arms restraining you and her body pressed into your back, you have become more than a little aroused — and they can see it.

“Oh no,” says Ash, eyeing your desire, “You might want it, but you aren’t gonna get it. Not until you’ve learned your lesson.”

With that, both Ash and Drew wrestle you onto the bed and proceed to tie down your arms and legs to the posts. When they are done, you are left naked on the bed, unable to move and your desire clearly on display. Satisfied with their work, the two friends exchange looks.

Responding to an unspoken agreement, both friends begin to strip down to their underwear whilst you can do nothing but watch.

“Now that we have you where we want you,” says Ash, wriggling out of her dress, “It’s time to rid you of your wrong-headed notion about pineapple on pizza.”

“The only question is,” says Drew, as she pulls her top over her head, revealing her spectacular breasts, “whether we do this with pleasure or pain…”