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(One Small Problem, continued...)

“Fight you?” you echo, unsure if you heard her right. “Over pineapple on pizza?”

Ash looks up at you with a strange sparkle in her eyes. “Yeah,” she says, “that’s right. If you hate pineapple on pizza, then I will absolutely kick your ass about it.”

The words are aggressive, but Ash’s tone has taken on a playful edge. Suddenly you realize that she is actually into this idea. It seems the object of your desire has something of a feisty side to her. Clearly the food and drink have very much lowered her inhibitions. Well, alright then.

“I don’t think so,” you say, with casual confidence, “I mean, you’re in great shape and all — and look amazing. But… you? Fight me? That’d be a mistake.”

At that Ash’s eyebrows raise. “Oh is that right?” she says, “Very well, I challenge you to fight — for the honor of pineapple on pizza. If I win, you gotta admit that pineapple on pizza is awesome.”

“And when you lose, you never ever mention pineapple on pizza again,” you finish.

“Deal!” says Ash, and rises from the table where she is sitting.

“Wait!” you say, and gesture to your outfit, “This wasn’t cheap. I don’t want to ruin it. I’d better take it off.”

A wicked smile crosses Ash’s face. “Works for me…”

“Also,” you add, rising from where you were sitting to stand opposite to Ash, “your dress looks pretty tight. I’d hate to have an unfair advantage from you having restricted movement.”

Ash’s predatory smile widens. “Even better.”

The two of you move to a carpeted area of the lounge, and you move the coffee table out of the way to create a clear space with enough room for you both. Then, almost ritualistically, you proceed to remove your clothing, watches and any jewellery — piece by piece — enjoying the view of the other as you do so.

“Mmmm,” says Ash, “that is a fine ass you have. It’s going to be a pleasure to kick it.”

“You reckon?” you respond, in a similarly bantering tone, “’Cause when I’m done with you — then both you and pineapple on pizza can kiss it.”

Looking over at the newly naked Ash you find yourself filled with the urge to get your hands on her — and as you look at her face, you see the same feeling mirrored in it.

“Are you ready?” she asks.

“Bring it on!” you reply