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(One Small Problem, continued...)

You charge at Ash, looking to overpower her quickly — and are startled when you collide and she doesn’t budge an inch. She is stronger than she looks. You wrestle but immediately you know that you are in trouble by how easily she handles you.

Nevertheless, you both stumble and fall to the floor where the grappling resumes. Your bodies entangle and entwine as you jockey for position and control. Yet the smile on Ash’s face and look in her eyes tells you that she is only toying with you, like a cat with a mouse.

You dig deep and go at her with all your strength, but Ash just slips past you. She grabs you from behind and pins your arms to your body. Your back is pressed close to her chest and you realise you are helpless. Ash brings her mouth close to your ear and whispers, “I told you I could kick your ass.”

You struggle against her powerful grip but to no avail; she has you tight and there’s no escape.

“Now what am I going to do with you?” Ash ponders, and runs one of her hands down your body. You realise too late what its ultimate destination is, until it wraps itself around your cock. Once there, Ash goes to work, slowly but expertly stimulating your glans.

“Nooo…” you moan, but your body tells a different tale. Ash feels you responding to her touch and is encouraged.

“You want this…” she says, “You want me to rule your body. Because you’re a helpless little slut who doesn’t understand the true power of pineapple on pizza.”

“Oh god…” you gasp, knowing that on some level Ash is speaking the truth. You couldn’t stop her if you wanted to — and you don’t want to.

“Give in,” hisses Ash into your ear — and you do. You cum and cum hard under Ash’s skilful touch.

When you subside, Ash rises to her feet and looks down at you all weak and soporific. “How disappointing,” she says, “I honestly thought you’d be more of a match for me.

She moves to get her clothes. “Still,” she says, “You’re hot. And dinner was excellent. Hit me up some time if you want a rematch.”

And with that she leaves.

The End