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(One Small Problem, continued...)

“Oh that’s interesting,” you lie, “Oh hey, what’s Drew been doing lately?”

With verbal dexterity you move the topic to safer, more familiar ground that you both share. Ash takes the bait and soon you are chatting away, relaxed and enjoying each other’s company. It was a near miss — but it’s going great.

Ash is clearly starting to feel it too. She becomes visibly looser, more relaxed and a strange look settles into her eyes as she looks at you. There is a clear intention there that is impossible to miss.

You rise to take empty plates to the kitchen but when you turn back, Ash is out of her chair too. Before you have the chance to say anything else, she closes the distance between you and — just like that — she is all over you. Her arms are around you and her lips are seeking yours. You do not resist and the two of you are locked in passionate embrace, feeling the closeness of your bodies, enjoying the sensations the other evokes. Lost in the moment.

Yet it’s not enough — and Ash is feeling it too. She eventually breaks away from you and looks into your eyes. “I don’t want to talk any more,” she says intensely. “I want you. Here. Now.”

Everything has come together, exactly like you hoped it would.

“Follow me,” you say. Taking her by the hand you lead her to the bedroom. Just as with every other part of this date, you have set the scene meticulously. Freshly clean sheets and lit with scented candles. A perfect mood setting.

The effort is wasted on Ash who only has eyes for you. With mutual enthusiasm and desire, you proceed to get rid of the clothes that pose the only barrier between you. All the while, kissing and caressing as more and more of the object of your desire is exposed.

You both tumble onto the bed and proceed to explore one another, discovering which touches are the most pleasing. Ash is everything you fantasized she would be and equally committed to giving pleasure as receiving it.

Together you stoke the fires of your desire until neither of you can bear it any more. You are hard and Ash’s sexy body is waiting for you. You come together again and again. The feel of being as one is all-consuming and you lose track of all time.

In the end, one of you utters a cry of ecstasy as the moment comes upon them. So caught up in a whirlwind of lust you can hardly tell if it was you or Ash but the other follows swiftly behind. You let the waves of pleasure cascade over the both of you and then collapse into one another’s waiting arms.

Ash looks into your face, her eyes slightly wide and an expression of almost awe on her face. “Fuck me that was good,” she says, “I had no idea you were so… incredible.”

You bask in the praise of your love-making prowess, equally satisfied.

Ash continues to sing the praises of your sexual skills. “That was…” she casts around for the best way to describe the experience, “that was almost as good as pineapple on pizza.”

Talk about a mood killer.

The End