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Private Dancers

(This is the original 2015 version of the story with 10 pages and 3 endings - there's a new version for members that's five times bigger!)

Your plans to visit a strip club with your buddy are thwarted. When all seems lost, you get lap-dances at his place (and not from each other!)

Hopefully you can think of three people to fit the roles in this story. You need to pick a male friend of yours who lives with a girl you'd like to bang (she can be his housemate, girlfriend, wife or sister.) You also need to pick a second girl who is on friendly terms with all of you (and who you would also like to bang.)

Let's face it, these stories all work better if you want to bang most of your female friends. A word of advice - don't try banging them in real life, unless they're up for it, in which case: why are you reading these stories? Get out there stud!

Written by Hyperdreams.

Your first name:
First name of your buddy:
First name of girl he lives with:
Their relationship:
First name of second girl: