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(Private Dancers, continued...)

Your heart leaps a little at the idea of Sharon “doing” you. Debbie isn’t the only girl in your circle that you’ve had lustful thoughts about. But Sharon is your buddy’s housemate, which makes her even more forbidden than Debbie.

You and Darren exchange glances. He seems genuinely flustered. You know that he’s attracted to Debbie, probably even more than you are. You wonder if Sharon knows.

Nobody speaks, but Debbie silently mouths the words “What the fuck?” to Sharon.

Sharon climbs off the couch and kneels in front of Darren, her hands on his knees. “You’d like that wouldn’t you Darren? Debbie giving you a special dance? I know you lust after her!”

Darren tries to speak but can only gurgle under the combined gaze of Sharon and Debbie. You try but fail to stifle an amused snort.

“And you!” says Sharon, turning on you. “I know you want her as well! You’d both like to shag her!”

“Sharon, I think you might have had a bit too much to drink…” ventures Debbie.

“Don’t act so innocent, little Miss Debbie. You’re always flashing your cleavage at these two. You love teasing them. So how about teasing them a bit more?” says Sharon. She shuffles over to you and runs her hand up your leg to your crotch, before giving your semi-hard cock a squeeze. “Look, Bruce’s getting hard already!”

You flinch. Things just got real!

Debbie licks her lips and deliberates for a moment. “Okay, sure” she finally said, shrugging her shoulders. “Let’s give them a show! Okay Darren?”

Darren is momentarily speechless. Eventually he nods his assent.

“Right then” says Sharon. “You two sit on the couch there. Hands by your sides, legs apart. That’s it.”

She turns up the stereo and starts gyrating. After a small hesitation, Debbie joins her.

You and Darren just stare as Debbie and Sharon dance around drunkenly in front of you, bumping their hips and bottoms against each other and running their hands up and down their bodies and over their own breasts. Sharon then moves behind Debbie and places her hands on the other girl’s tummy, before sliding them up and cupping Debbie’s boobs. Debbie giggles and wiggles her bottom back against Sharon.

“Holy crap!” gasps Darren, watching his housemate fondle the object of his repressed lust. Bulges are now visible in both your laps.

The girls break apart and Sharon moves to stand in front of you. Wiggling her hips, she pulls her black knee-length skirt up to her waist, exposing a pair of pink lacy panties. Then she turns, bends forward and wiggles her ass in your face. The pink material stretches tight across her round buttocks and rides up slightly between them. She then straightens and unzips the skirt, letting it fall to the floor. All eyes are on her as she unbuttons her blouse, revealing a matching pink push-up bra. Soon she’s standing before you in nothing but bra, panties and high heels. “Come on Debbie, your turn” she giggles.

Debbie pulls her t-shirt over her head, exposing a black bra crammed full of beautiful titty flesh. Then she unbuttons her jeans and wiggles out of them. Her black panties are high cut, making her legs look longer. Her shoes come off with her jeans.

You notice that Darren has moved his hand to his crotch. You doubt he realises it, so transfixed is he at the sexy vision in front of him.

Debbie and Sharon dance around some more. You and Darren exchange happy glances and make no effort to hide the tenting in your pants.

Finally Debbie says, “Well boys, did you enjoy that?”

You both nod furiously.

“Good” she says, then bends to pick up her discarded jeans.

“Hey, hang on a minute!” you blurt. “Is that it?”

Sharon half-smiles at you. “Yeah… why, what else do the strippers do?”

The girls clearly need some education as to what makes a good lap dance. “Well, for one thing, you’re supposed to get naked. And you’re supposed to get your butts into our laps.”

Debbie’s eyes widen. “Doesn’t that mean that the stripper can feel your hard-on?”

“Sure. The whole point of a good lap dance is that the girl finds your dick and rubs against it as much as she can.”

Sharon feigns shock. “Well — I never knew that! No wonder you boys enjoy going there. You dirty bastards!” Then she plonks her ass into your lap and flings an arm around your neck. Your dick prods her left butt cheek and she obligingly presses harder against it. “Is that better?”

“Oh yeah” you reply.

Debbie meanwhile has straddled Darren’s lap, both hands on the sofa on either side of his head. She lowers herself onto his bulge, pressing the crotch of her knickers against it, then starts moving her hips forward and back like they are fucking. Darren grabs her bottom and squeezes it as she thrusts against him.

“Hey, is touching allowed?” asks Sharon, watching Darren with wry amusement.

“Uh huh” you both reply in unison. You slide your hand up the inside of her leg and stroke her inner thigh, almost touching her pantied crotch. Your other hand grasps her shoulder and pulls her closer.