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(Private Dancers, continued...)

Debbie grabs Darren’s head and pulls it into her cleavage while he continues to massage her ass. He groans, delirious with pleasure at finally being where he’s always wanted to be. Debbie strokes his hair as he nestles against her chest.

Sharon snuggles against you, watching Debbie and Darren cuddling on the couch beside you. Intoxicated by Sharon’s perfume, you nibble at her neck and earlobes. She shivers and shifts position on your lap, forcing your dick into a different alignment. This sends a surge of lust through your loins and you move your hand from Sharon’s thigh to her bra, pulling a cup down and grabbing the exposed tit. Her nipple is hard against your palm. Sharon doesn’t resist as you slide your hand over and pull down the other cup. Her breasts now stand out full and proud, supported underneath by the bra. Her swollen, puffy nipples are begging to be sucked.

“Naughty boy” whispers Sharon in your ear. “Do you like my breasts?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Do you want to suck them?” Sharon shifts her ass in your lap again, bringing her tits closer to your face.

“Uh huh,” you reply, bending forward in an attempt to suck her left nipple into your mouth. She twists away at the last minute.

“Hey Darren, do they normally let you suck the girl’s tits at those places?” asks Sharon.

Darren looks up and realises Sharon’s tits are exposed. Maybe he wants Sharon for himself, because for some reason he decides to fuck with you. “No way” he says, “You’re not even supposed to touch them.”

Bastard! But he soon gets his comeuppance.

“You know, that’s a real shame!” says Debbie, pulling his hands away from her butt. She leans back from Darren and reaches behind her, arching her back. In seconds, the moment you and Darren have both dreamed of has arrived. Debbie shrugs off the bra and her beautiful tits swing free. They are magnificent.

“Now Darren,” says Debbie cheekily, “Remember — no touching and definitely no sucking!” She leans forward and sways her shoulders, slapping Darren’s face with one tit, then the other. She then grabs her breasts in both hands and squeezes his face between them, before rubbing his nose with each stiff nipple. His hands find their way to her waist, and she lets him keep them there.

You watch with Sharon as Debbie repeatedly assaults Darren with her tits. “She has beautiful breasts, doesn’t she?” breathes Sharon into your ear. She nibbles your lobe, then whispers quietly so Debbie and Darren can’t hear: “I bet you’d like to suck her nipples, wouldn’t you?” She shifts in your lap and her hand grasps your dick through your pants. “Bet you’d like to stick this between Debbie’s tits, wouldn’t you Bruce? You’d like to fuck Debbie’s tits and cum all over them!”

Sharon’s dirty talk and stick-shifting has you extremely flustered but you manage to whisper back “Only after fucking you first, Sharon.”

Sharon smiles. “Oh, that’s so sweet!” She changes her position so that she’s straddling your lap like Debbie is doing to Darren. Her panty-covered pussy presses down hard on your dick and she starts rocking back and forth. “Would you like to do me like this? We’re almost fucking now!”

You put your hands on Sharon’s lovely round buttocks and squeeze their jiggly flesh through her pink lacy panties as she dry-humps you. Every now and then she raises herself up and rubs your face with her tits before plonking herself back down on your lap. A glance over at Darren reveals that his hands have returned to Debbie’s pantied bottom as she rides him in the same manner.

You decide to go a step further and yank Sharon’s panties up her ass, using them like reins. You can see her round butt cheeks reflected in the mirror on the other side of the room.