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(Private Dancers, continued...)

On the other end of the couch, Debbie climbs off Darren and stands before him, gently gyrating to the music. She cups and squeezes her breasts. “My tits feel so nice, don’t they Darren?” she murmur. Then she slides her hand into the front of her panties. “My pussy feels nice too!”

Again, Debbie is the centre of attention. Both hands are now in her knickers, which makes her arms squeeze her tits together all delicious and bulgy. The little slut is clearly pretending to masturbate in front of Darren, in full view of his housemate and your own good self. This doesn’t seem to bother Sharon — in fact her grinding against your cock becomes harder and faster.

Debbie pulls her panties up between her legs, showing Darren a pronounced camel-toe. Then she turns away from him, hooks her thumbs into the waist of her panties and pulls them down over her sexy round bottom. After kicking her underwear free, she dumps that same bottom onto Darren’s lap and starts grinding with renewed fervour.

“Oh Debbie” groans Darren.

“Jesus Christ” you mutter.

Sharon sees your eyes bugging out at the sight of Debbie’s sexy derriere. She turns your head back to face her. “Remember me?” she asks with a smirk. “Could you undo my bra please, it’s pinching.”

You unclip Sharon’s bra and it falls free. Her already-exposed tits sag a little when the support is removed, but not by much. Sharon then shifts around in your lap again so that she is sitting sideways, facing the action on the couch beside you. She twists her hip up and tugs her panties down over it. “Could you help me with this?”

You pull down Sharon’s knickers as she wriggles her hips. You take a quick breath when it becomes apparent both that the gusset is stuck in her slit, and that she is completely bald down there. Another few tugs and her panties are down past her knees, enabling her to draw up her calves and then flick them off. She settles back on your lap, facing Debbie and Darren, one knee against the back of the couch, the other spread wide.

Sharon’s pussy is a definite ‘innie’. Her pudenda are deliciously plump and her inner lips are barely visible, hidden deep in her slit. Her clitoral hood peeks shyly out at the top. She has obviously waxed very recently as there is no hint of stubble to be seen.

Debbie pauses from her grinding to look over at you and her eyes widen as she realises that Sharon’s hairless pussy is on full display. “Sharon, you’re so dirty! You look like a porn star!”

“I just like feeling smooth” replies Sharon, running her hand over her pussy and inner thighs. “Feel this, Bruce.” She grabs your hand and places it between her legs, making you rub your palm back and forth over her pussy and bald mound.