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(Private Dancers, continued...)

“It’s smooth”, you croak, feeling the heat of Sharon’s cunt against your palm.

“Let’s compare” says Debbie, then swivels herself around in Darren’s lap into a mirror-image of Sharon’s position. The two women adjust themselves so that they face each other, pussies barely a foot apart, legs entwined.

You and Darren drink in every detail of Debbie’s freshly revealed cunt. It isn’t so much of an innie as Sharon’s. The delicate pink inner lips poke slightly out between the smooth, hairless outer ones. Her little hood protrudes further than Sharon’s too. And unlike Sharon, there is a neatly trimmed patch of hair decorating her pubic bone.

“I just shave a little to keep it neat” says Debbie, running a finger from the base of her buttocks, along her slit and up into her fur. “How’s it feel, Bruce?”

You swallow and stretch out a hand. Debbie bites her lip as you feel around between her legs. Your fingers brush against her cunt lips, flicking them from side to side.

“Very nice.”

Darren sneaks his hands up Debbie’s sides and cups her breasts in his hands while you rub her pussy. He and Sharon exchange a glance, and evidently permission is granted to go further, because he then starts squeezing Debbie’s tits harder and flicking her nipples.

Debbie moans quietly and shuts her eyes. She looks so beautiful laid out naked before you, tits bulging in Darren’s hands, while you stroke her pussy and inner thighs.

Probably feeling neglected, Sharon starts fingering her own cunt. You take pity and return your hand to roam around her hips, tummy and plump pussy. Seeing an opening, Darren slides a hand down between Debbie’s legs and starts rubbing where you left off.

“You’ve wanted her for so long, haven’t you Darren?” asks Sharon dreamily.

“You know I have,” he replies.

“Really Darren?” asks Debbie, opening her eyes. “You’ve lusted after me all this time?”

“For as long as I’ve known you” says Darren, squeezing her clitoral hood between two fingers.

“And Bruce too” chirps Sharon. “He wants to fuck you!”

“Is that true Bruce? Do you want to fuck me?” Debbie asks coyly. It’s amazing that she manages to sound so innocent while her tits and pussy are being groped, but she pulls it off.

You just nod. Debbie smiles, then mouths the word “Okay”, making sure Darren doesn’t see. Sharon does, however.

“But no-one is shagging anyone tonight, right?” says Sharon firmly.

You all agree. With that understanding in place, it now feels safer to go further.

You and Darren now have your fingers deep inside the pussies of your respective girls in a not-so-subtle effort to bring them to orgasm. You are also trying to suck as much of Sharon’s tit into your mouth as you can, and Darren is devouring Debbie’s gorgeous globes in a similar way.

You make sure to grind your palm against Sharon’s clit as you pump your fingers in and out, and it is having the desired effect. Squelchy sounds are soon emanating from her tight tunnel. Sharon’s breathing becomes quick and ragged, then she tenses up and moans softly as her cunt muscles squeeze down on your fingers. “Ohhhhhhhh…” she moans, grabbing your cock through your pants as she twitches and jerks on your lap.

When her orgasm subsides you both direct your attention to Darren’s efforts with Debbie. He is using more of a brute-force approach, jabbing his fingers in and out of her delicate cunt, each thrust sending ripples through her breasts and forcing little grunts from her pretty mouth.

“Hey Darren, be gentle with her!” laughs Sharon.

“I… like… it… hard…” pants Debbie in response.