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(Private Dancers, continued...)

Sharon gulps several times to swallow your load. You glance over at Darren and Debbie. They haven’t noticed anything yet. You look down at Sharon, her face still stuffed with your cock, and the two of you come to an unspoken agreement.

Sharon resumes bobbing her head up and down in your lap, bathing your cock with her tongue and swallowing all remaining traces of your ejaculate. Your cock, slightly softened after cumming, is back at full hardness after thirty seconds of this treatment. Debbie and Darren are none the wiser.

Darren is panting now and Debbie is working very hard to bring him off. Could it be that she really wants Darren to lose so that she can fuck you instead?

Darren starts thrusting his hips, desperate to get as much of his cock into Debbie’s mouth as he can. She looks up at him sexily, trying not to gag as his knob pounds the back of her throat. Darren’s eyes bug out, he tenses up, grabs Debbie by the ears and groans “Oh crap, here it comes…”

Debbie gulps and gurgles as Darren fills her mouth up with sperm and she struggles to swallow it all. Squirt after squirt disappears down her throat as Darren thrusts his spurting cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Amazingly she swallows every drop. Then she releases his dick with a wet-sounding ‘pop’ and pumps it to force out a dribble of cum, which she licks off his knob with her gooey tongue.

Sharon stops sucking you. “It looks like Bruce is the winner!” she proclaims.

You inspect your cock for any evidence that you came first. It’s a bit redder than before, but otherwise Sharon has done a very good job of cleaning you up. And you are just as hard as ever.

“Congrats, dude,” says Darren grudgingly.

“Ready for your prize?” asks Debbie, wiping her mouth as she gets to her feet.

“Fuck yeah!”

Sharon gives you a wink as she moves out of the way. Debbie climbs astride you and settles her ass down in your lap. Her pussy presses your shaft down against your stomach and she slides it back and forth along you, her cunt lips parting as she presses down hard. She coats your full length with her wetness as she humps her sopping groove against you.

You wrap your arms around her, delighting in the feel of her body against you, your second girl for the night. Normally your budget doesn’t stretch to two strippers! You squeeze her bottom with both hands and her hard nipples graze your chest. But you don’t kiss her — she’s still got Darren’s cum on her breath.

“Well, get on with it then!” says Sharon. You recognize a little irritation her voice and you know it’s because she’d rather be the one fucking you. But Debbie and Darren don’t seem to pick up on that.

“Yeah, give it to her,” says Darren. The lack of enthusiasm in his voice is more evident. You know he’d rather be fucking Debbie himself. But she just sucked him off, so he should count his blessings.

“Shall we do it, Bruce? Wanna fuck me?” teases Debbie. You don’t answer, instead you reach between you and grab your dick. She raises herself up and your knob slides over her clit and into her cleft. Further down it slips, then your knob finds the entrance to nirvana. She sinks down on you with all her weight and your dick plunges inside her.

Debbie starts humping her hips up and down. It’s an amazing feeling. Her pussy is tight and hot, gripping on your cock like a vice as it engulfs the length of your prick. You cup her breasts and her fingers interlock with yours. Together you stroke and squeeze her tits, tweaking her nipples, twisting and flicking them with the ends of your fingers.

Sharon sits next to Darren on the other end of the couch and they settle back to watch the action. Darren is toying idly with his flaccid dick, probably trying to ogle Debbie while blotting you out of the picture, and Sharon is gently fingering herself, most likely imagining herself in Debbie’s place.

You and Debbie are moaning with pleasure. You love the feel of her velvety snatch around your cock as it plunges into her again and again. She is as glorious as you have always imagined, her pussy tight and sucking, the friction of her tight cunt-walls around your prick pure heaven, pulling you inside of her.

Debbie takes you by the wrists, removing your hands from her breasts and holding them above your head. She uses you as an anchor as she moves her crotch erotically up and down, gently rising and falling, her cunt sliding up and down your cock, which is glistening with her juices. The hard, aching nubbins of her nipples feel wonderful as they dig into your chest.

“Fuck… me…. fuck…. me….” she pants. A somewhat superfluous instruction.

Debbie’s breasts push up and down more against you as she begins working her hips faster, her cunt slapping against the base of your dick with each downstroke. She pauses to gyrate her hips in small circles, your cock buried as deep as it will go. Then she continues pumping, harder and faster now. If you hadn’t cum earlier, you would have blown your load by now.

You glance over at Darren and Sharon. Their hands have swapped places. Now Sharon has her fingers wrapped around her housemate’s cock, and he’s stroking her swollen, protruding clit.