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(Private Dancers, continued...)

Debbie lifts her ass up higher and higher, slamming back onto your lap, grinding firmly into your crotch to get more penetration, applying weight and pressure, driving you both wild. She rises higher up your cock each time, slamming her cunt down over and over, grinding again, then lifting back up. Her cunt lips are pulled loose by the thickness of your cock, and get stuffed back inside her when she drops back down.

“Oh yes Bruce! Yes! Yesssssssss!” hisses Debbie, throwing her head back, slamming her cunt down and cramming every last inch of your cock inside of her. She cums hard, her juices spraying out between the two of you, most of it initially held inside of her by your cock as she grinds herself down on you. But when she lifts herself up, her juices are released and flood down your thighs and ass cheeks to the couch beneath.

You groan and slam your hips up, your crotches mashing together as you feel yourself cum, shot after shot of sperm directed deep up into her belly. Debbie squeals with delight and grinds her cunt down hard as you continue pushing your own hips up, your crotches mashing together, humping hard and fast as you both spiral down from your orgasms.

Finally your panting, sweaty bodies relax and Debbie falls on you, her tits pressing firmly against your chest, her face falling into the crook of your shoulder, legs spread wide on either side of your hips, your overspent cock slowly softening inside of her cunt.

You look over at Darren and Sharon. “Wow dude, that was fucking spectacular,” he admits. Sharon nods her head in agreement. She’s playing with his gooey limp dick, her hand glistening with his second sticky load of the night.

Debbie kisses your cheek and climbs off, then goes off with Sharon to the bathroom to get cleaned up. You and Darren stuff your cocks back in your pants and try unsuccessfully to make small talk.

The girls come back. There’s some awkward TV watching, during which you sense it’s time to probably time to leave. Debbie is way too drunk to drive so you offer her a lift home.

Sharon sees you off at the door. She leans in and kisses you on the cheek, whispering “Remember, you and me — it’s going to happen!”

With that happy thought planted in your head you drive Debbie back to her house. On the way her head falls into your lap. You’re not sure you can perform again so quickly but it turns out not to matter — she’s asleep.

The End