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(Private Dancers, continued...)

It seems things are getting a little out of control. Both girls are naked and so drunk that they’d probably let you do anything to them. Luckily for them you’re too much of a gentleman to take advantage.

“They never let you touch between their legs at the strip club,” you hear yourself saying as you pull your hand away.

“Oh, well okay,” says Sharon, pouting. “We wouldn’t want to do anything that they don’t do at the club.” She draws her legs together. You glance at Darren and he gives you a nod of respect.

“More dancing?” suggests Debbie.

“More dancing!” chirps Sharon and jumps to her feet. Debbie joins her and they prance and groove around in front of you. They’re both a little clumsy, but their tits and asss are jiggling in a pleasing fashion, which is the main thing after all.

“Hey Debbie, I bet they’ll like this,” says Sharon as she gets down on all fours and wiggles her ass at you in the doggy position. Resting her tits on the floor she sticks her butt up as high as she can, legs spread wide. Her plump bald pussy is beautifully framed by her round butt cheeks, inviting you to grab her hips and plunge your cock into her.

Debbie kneels down beside Sharon and gives the other girl’s ass a firm slap. “Naughty girl” she coos. “You’ve been very bad!” Spank! “Very bad girl!” Spank! Spank! Spank!

Sharon’s buttocks quiver and redden under her friend’s playful punishment. Then, to your extreme surprise, Debbie slides her hand between Sharon’s legs and vigorously rubs the other girl’s pussy before smacking her ass again.

“Well, you’ve been bad too!” cries Sharon and suddenly turns the tables. Debbie now has her rounded buns and sweet pussy in the air. Sharon fondles and squeezes Debbie’s bottom before smacking it hard.

“Oooh oooh oooh!” exclaims Debbie as Sharon spanks her.

“I’m spanking your little slut, Darren” says Sharon. “She’s been very naughty, sitting on your lap with no panties on! Very, very naughty!”

You exchange a glance with Darren. Neither of you can believe the erotic but vaguely ridiculous performance you are witnessing. He actually looks a little embarrassed for his housemate.

“Who wants to find out what it’s like to fuck her?” asks Sharon suddenly. Darren starts to tentatively raise his hand before Sharon shoots him down with “Not you!”

“Er Sharon…” you begin, hoping to stop the inebriated girls from doing something they’ll regret later.

“Yeah Bruce, we all know you’ve wanted to fuck Debbie ever since you first met her,” interrupts Sharon. “But not you either! I’m just going to show you what it’s like.”

You look over at Darren. He shrugs his shoulders, just as perplexed as you are.

Sharon instructs Debbie to lie on her back on the floor, then she spreads her friend’s legs and gets between them in the missionary position. Her hips force the other girl’s thighs wide apart as she performs a thrusting motion, her bare ass pumping up and down.

“Oooh Sharon, fuck me, fuck me harder!” giggles Debbie, wrapping her arms around Sharon and hugging her close as Sharon bangs their mounds together.

“Good grief,” mutters Darren, shifting his erection to a more comfortable location in his pants. You’re hard too, but you’re not proud about it.

Sharon looks over at Darren as she continues to grind away on top of Debbie. “Hey Darren, I bet you wish this was you!”

“Yeah Darren,” teases Debbie. “It’s too bad Sharon gets to fuck me and you don’t!”

“Whatever,” says Darren, sounding annoyed.

“Darren can’t fuck you, Darren can’t fuck you!” sings to Sharon to Debbie in a really irritating schoolyard manner.

“Darren can’t fuck me, Darren can’t fuck me!” sings Debbie in response.

The whole situation is getting too ridiculous and the girls are making fools of themselves. You stand up and look out the window.

“Hey Darren, it’s stopped raining,” you observe with relief.

“Awesome! Let’s go!”

The End