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Ride Home

“Need a ride? I’m going your way.”

Andy waits, gently smiling, not trying to pressure her. Karen sighs. She is tired and wants to go home. She nods.

In the car, Karen relaxes. She has had a good night really, the night is warm with strong moonlight and Andy is good company.

They are travelling along the beach road, and Karen is startled and a little nervous when Andy turns into one of the beach parks and pulls up. She gently suggests to Andy that they should head on home.

Andy just smiles at her. “It’s a lovely night, you can hear the waves breaking on the shore, the moon is full… let’s just sit here for a while.”

“That’s all? Just sit?” she replies coyly.

“Maybe have a cuddle in the back seat…” he suggests.

She makes a show of being reluctant, but Karen agrees. After the move Andy gently draws her into his arms and just holds her lightly while she snuggles up next to him, enjoying his warmth. Then he tilts her head, lowers his own and gently kisses her. He looks up again and smiles at her, and the next time he lowers his head the kisses are not quite so gentle, stirring a delicious heat within her. Andy gently rubs her back as he continues to kiss.

Karen enjoys the kissing, that interesting warmth, and the gently caressing hand. She notices that the rubbing is slowly dropping down, but doesn’t take any real notice until she realizes that he is now rubbing her ass. She stiffens slightly, wondering if she should protest, but before she can say anything the hand drops down to rest against her upper thigh, and just stays there.

Karen relaxes again, returning his kisses quite readily, snuggling closer. She doesn’t notice that Andy has moved his hand again until she feels the stroking on her inner thigh, and the fingertips skimming along the edge of her panties. “How has he managed that?” she wonders. She reaches down, grabs his hand and moves it firmly away from her leg.

Andy calmly moves his hand back up to her shoulder, gently rubbing the top of her back and then moving around to drift his hand across her chest, just above her cleavage. She feels his fingers brushing the top of her breasts, tracing them gently, across and to where her cleavage dips into the top of her strapless dress.

Should she stop him? He’s not really doing much, just touching lightly. Also, she finds she is enjoying that gentle touch and is subconsciously lifting her breasts to enjoy the feel. She’ll let it continue, she decides. She can always call a halt if she thinks he is going too far.

Andy gently follows up his small advantage, letting his fingers dip under the edge of the dress, teasing those lovely globes a little more, dipping a finger far enough under to brush a nipple.

Karen tenses a little, lifts her hand and places it on Andy’s, not to push it away as such but just to hold it in place and stop it exploring. Andy pauses in his exploring of her breasts for a few moments, then slips his hand out from under hers, continuing to tease her boobs, his finger slipping under the edge of the dress and then out again.

Andy starts kissing her a little more deeply, touching a little more firmly, not rushing, just taking his time. His lips drift away from hers, brushing her neck and then drifting across her front, following the path of his inquisitive fingers.

Karen feels her top slipping. All those little dips under the edge have been gradually pushing it down. She hesitates and is reaching to hitch the top back up, when it slips that extra bit and drops off, freeing her breasts. Andy’s hand promptly follows it down, capturing one breast, squeezing it and rubbing the nipple, while his lips move to the other breast, taking the nipple in his mouth and sucking gently.

Karen freezes. She shouldn’t let this happen. She should stop it now. But it feels so good, and that warmth she has been feeling is spreading, curling slowly through her. She relaxes a little. It won’t hurt to let it continue.

Relaxing, enjoying the gentle suckling on her breast, not noticing that part of the warmth is being generated by a hand that has slipped back to her leg and is slowly stroking her inner thigh. A finger strokes along the edge of her gusset and then gently trails up, moving across her mound to the top of her panties.

That gentle touch on her pussy trickles through into Karen’s consciousness. “He’s touching me there,” she thinks incredulously, “and I’m not stopping him?”

Andy continues to play around her panties, stroking her through them, slipping his fingers under them and touching her naked lips. Withdrawing and moving elsewhere, slowly stirring up that budding heat.

Karen feels Andy take her hand and move it, placing it on his lap and leaving it there. His hand wanders back to her breast, squeezing in time to the rhythm he is generating within her pussy.

“Why did he put my hand here?” wonders Karen. “What does he expect me to do?” She knows where her hand is, so that lump under there must be…

Karen moves her hand tentatively to the side, finding that at some stage Andy has found time to unzip. Her hand slips in, feeling for what she knows she will find. Her fingertips brush his erection, then her hand closes over it, marveling at what she is doing. His erection is hot and hard in her hand. Following her instincts, Karen moves her hand up and down the shaft, enjoying the feel, rubbing her thumb over the head and feeling a rush within when she feels Andy gasp.

Andy continues to stroke Karen, then slips his hand up to the top of her panties and slides them down. Now her pussy is properly exposed to his wandering fingers, and his fingers are soon easing apart her lips and dipping within, feeling the heat and moisture there. Rubbing and stroking, entering and withdrawing, steadily building the tensions and expectations.

He moves his free hand around to Karen’s side, seeking the zip, finding it and running it down. Karen feels her dress loosening, and then sagging around her waist. With a slight hint from Andy she lifts her hips up off the seat for a moment while Andy deftly skips the dress under them and off, to lie pooled at her feet. Andy reaches back up and finishes removing her panties, leaving her dressed in garter belt and stockings.

With a sigh Karen relaxes and lets Andy continue kissing her, relishing the feel while his hand is busy lighting little fuses between her legs. She can feel the heat flowing up from her pussy and down from her breasts, seeming to pool deep within her. The fire is burning steadily and has to be addressed.

Andy opens the car door, scooping up a blanket from the floor and with a deft flick spreads it on the grass next to the car. He turns back to the car and holds out his hand to Karen.

She stares at him, glances down at the blanket and then back to Andy, standing there with his hand outstretched. “It’s going to happen”, she thinks. “If I take his hand he’s going to screw me. If I look away, he won’t.”

She blushes. “I’m naked, and he wants to fuck me. What do I do?”

She reaches out and places her hand on his. Never taking his eyes off her, he draws her from the car and down onto the blanket.

Andy slips off his trousers, moving onto the blanket next to her. Once again the touching starts, kissing her lips while his hand plays with her sensitive points, rekindling the heat before it really had a chance to die down.

He hooks a foot around one of Karen’s ankles, drawing her legs further apart. He moves over her and between her thighs, holding his weight away from her while letting his erection rest on her.

“Okay?” he murmurs in a whisper.

“Okay,” comes the answering whisper, expectation and anticipation plain in the voice.

Andy gently moves her lips apart, and presses the head of his cock against her, releasing the lips to close over him. He eases in, taking it gently, slowly sinking deep within her.

He pauses, watching Karen’s face. Her eyes are bright and staring at him, her expression concentrating, enjoying what she is feeling and waiting impatiently for more. Andy smiles down at her, is mets with an answering smile, and then he starts to move.

Karen gasps. The initial entry had been interesting and has feels nice, but this is something else. Suddenly, she loses interest at looking at Andy. That is just distracting her from this cock moving within her. She feels Andy surging into to her, backing up and thrusting forward again. She moves with him eagerly, matching his thrusts, urging him on, wanting it, harder and faster. Please. I need this. Babbling. Not knowing what she is saying, only knowing she needs this sensation to continue, striving to reach a climax, determined to get there.

Andy is moving faster now, happy to feel Karen meeting and matching his efforts. Feeling the tensions rising within him and seeing them rise in her, just a little slower. Andy frantically tries to hold back, wanting to make sure that Karen comes first, realizing it is hopeless and letting himself go, venting his climax within her.

Karen’s gasping rises higher, seeming to stall on a peak and linger there while Andy presses home. She feels a sudden spurt from Andy and a hot liquid wash spill inside her. She climaxes, her muscles locking onto Andy, trying to hold him within her while she gasps through her orgasm.

They relax afterwards, lying contented on the blanket.

“Thanks for the ride,” she giggles.

The End