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Ruining Him

Leo’s cock is stiff in Brad’s hands. Brad can feel it pulsing. The shiny pink head peeps through his fist, like a new-born baby trying to get free of its mother’s cunt. Brad kisses Leo’s ear and whispers, “Look at yourself, Leo. See my hand on your prick. How does it feel? Does it feel nice and dirty? Like we shouldn’t be doing it?”

Leo nods, looking in the mirror as Brad blatantly fondles him. Brad begins the slow stroking up and down of his shaft and continues kissing his neck, and then his shoulders, tasting the salt sweat that is gathering on his flesh. It is warm in the room and their bodies perspire. They can smells each other’s animal odor. The sexual tension is high.

Brad’s free hand plays with Leo’s nipple, his forefinger circling around it anti-clockwise, brushing it and bringing it erects quickly until it is as hard as an airgun pellet. His smell is divine, potent and intoxicating. His erection continues to slip up and down the crack of Leo’s slippery butt, slicked by a combination of pre-cum and saliva from the little ass-licking he gave Leo earlier.

Brad doesn’t attempt to penetrate Leo. Leo’s desire to be taken, to be violated and stretched by man-cock, is immense. A boy fucked by a man is how Leo sees it, a father figure, a strict authoritarian and disciplinarian training him to love and respect the hallowed dick. It is what Leo wants, but he will have to be patient. Leo knows intuitively that only a man can possess him completely. A man uses his penis to physically possess another, whether it is possession of a woman or man. A woman cannot give Leo what a man can, and there’s no need to elaborate on that. He knows what Brad is getting at. His desire is to be filled with a living thing, eight and one half inches of cock lodged to the hilt inside that most intimate and wondrous of holes. The feeling and significance of the act can never be matched by an artificial substitute. Leo is intelligent enough to know this. His deflowering and degradation will be exquisite when it happens, but Leo must prove his worthiness to Brad.

Leo’s ass wriggles, trying to tempt his lover, participating in the game of cat and mouse they plays with each other, only it is Leo who is trying to capture the mouse, attempting to ensnare it with his muscular hunting ring. But Brad teases Leo, moving away, and then returning to once again slide up the humid cleft of Leo’s ass, that dark canyon between the full moons. Leo feels the knob of Brad’s prick poke maddeningly across his tight little fuck-hole on each of the upstrokes, but it is fleeting and ephemeral. It is there, and then it is gone, a subtle and delicious torture for both of them which cranks up his libido to fever pitch.

Brad could cum purely from exterior friction of Leo’s flesh alone, his cock gliding over any part of his sweat-wet body would do it. His urge to soil Leo is overwhelming. He’d love to taint every virgin part of Leo’s flesh with his splashing sperm, massaging it into his body likes a soothing balm, letting it dry to a brittle crust before picking it off.

Leo inspects their reflection in the mirror. He is blushing profusely. Brad feels the heat from his face next to his. Leo’s scalp prickles with perspiration. Brad begins masturbating Leo in earnest. Leo watches him… sees how easily Brad can make him cum. Leo has no willpower to fight against it. He feels his excitement mounting. This is so hot, being under Brad’s control. Have you ever ‘enjoyed’ the frustration and perverse pleasure to be had from a spoiled orgasm? Even if Leo has or haven’t as yet… he is about to.

Brad increases the tempo and his grip on Leo’s shaft. He sees how the pinky-purple head bloats and shines with hot blood. Leo feels the melting in his loins, the contraction in his thigh muscles. Brad has Leo on the edge, the very edge of orgasm. Leo is ready to spill the beans for him. How quickly Leo has reached this stage. He is too easy. Brad will make him wait for it. Leo must learn patience, the dear boy. And just as Brad thinks Leo is about to pour forth, he slides his forefinger underneath the base of his cock and applies a little pressure to the duct. It is enough to interrupt the flow and prevent Leo from coming. Leo must learn tolerance and patience and of course gratitude for when Brad finally allows him to cum.

The frustration of unfulfilled release causes Leo some discomfort. Brad holds on to him, making him wait until the waves of lust subside. When he’s satisfied Leo is himself again, he starts over, bringing Leo on, taking him to the very edges once again before aborting his orgasm for a second time. This time the discomfort in Leo’s abdomen and the ache in his tortured cock is more acute. But it will be worth it, because what Brad is actually doing is stacking Leo’s orgasms, so that when he finally cums Leo will experience an intensity the like of which he has never known. Brad teases his own cock against Leo’s ass, making it squirm and wriggle like an eel between the slippery cheeks. Leo desires to be penetrated. But he will have to wait a while longer for that supreme pleasure.

On the third time of asking, Brad allows Leo to have his orgasm. It is as if his guts are turning inside-out. The sensation is like hot quicksilver running through his loins and bubbling like boiling lava up the tender shaft. Brad feels Leo’s body folding in half before him but he holds him upright, forcing him to witnesses the fruit of his humbling. Leo’s cum spurts forth in copious amounts and with such forces that the jetting sperm explodes like white paintballs against the mirror face. The splats are audible. His creamy goo begins to dribbles down the glass like the white of an undercooked egg.

“You filthy little slut,” Brad says, laughing cruelly. “You are too easy, Leo. You must perform a forfeit in penance for your lack of self-control before your master. You will kneel and lick the mirror clean and afterwards you will describe to me the taste of your cum in delicious detail. Do I make myself clear, you little trollop?”

He waits for the answer from his cock-slave…

The End