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(Sex at the Circus, continued...)

You decide to let her come to you. You don’t want to appear too eager. Her coat is around her shoulders, but it is open at the front and you glance at her leotard, which shows off her breasts and flat stomach. It’s cold and you can see that her nipples are rock hard beneath the fabric. A moment passes and you are rock hard too.

When you catch her eye, you coolly avert your gaze, as if something intriguing is happening over by the coconut shy.

“Oh, you’re here, Victor,” Angelica says. “Did you enjoy the show?”

Her eyes hold the light and you feel strange. You can’t help but reply honestly.

“You were very graceful,” you say; “I was imagining you naked the whole time.”

You frown, because you didn’t mean to say that. She giggles, reaches into her left pocket and hands you a card.

It’s a token for a prize.

“Midnight,” she breathes and blows you a kiss before turning on her heel and sauntering away with the two goons in tow.