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(Sex at the Circus, continued...)

As you walk into the ring you hear Angelica’s sighing above you. Through the intersecting ropes of the safety net, you see her traversing the high wire.

She’s naked and you watch her stroll across the wire with beautiful, long legs, poised and purposeful. Her ass cheeks move deliciously as she goes.

“Come on up,” she breathes.

“No fucking way,” you say, looking at the wobbly ladder and the shivering wire.

“No pussy for you unless you get up here,” she taunts.

You’re halfway up the rickety ladder when she orders you to stop.

“Climb onto the safety net,” she says.

Relieved, you leave the ladder for the net. When you are in the middle, Angelica does an effortless backward somersault and lands on her back beside you.

“Oh my God, that was-”

The net is still bouncing from the impact of her body and her kiss cuts you off mid-sentence. Her lips are cool and her tongue is wet, seeking yours. You open up your mouth and press your lips hard against hers, which she clearly likes, because her breathing speeds up, as if falling from the tightrope was nothing compared to the feel of you against her. You press your chest against her bare breasts. Her heart is pounding.

“Are you okay?” You feel a bit funny asking this with your hands all over her tits, but you can’t help yourself.

“I need you,” she breathes and then she lies back and spreads her legs for you. You lower your face into her mound of glistening black pubic hair before flicking her labia with your tongue. She tastes amazing, slightly salty and sweet all at once, making you think of popcorn. You’re literally eating her up and she is so wet for you, but she grabs your hair and says:

“I need you to fuck me, Victor. So fuck me. Now.”

She undoes your shirt buttons while you hurriedly undo your belt buckle and zip.

Her pussy is warm and wet and the walls of pleasure hits you so hard that you feel dizzy. It’s nothing to do with the height and you know it. Her body is simply incredible. She feels as if she is made for you. You are aware that you are filling her to the hilt. Your cock is the perfect size for her comfort and delight and she wraps her skinny legs around you to give you maximum penetration.

“Hard,” she says.

You begin sliding your cock in and out of her. Her body is so soft that you are reluctant to pound her. Instead you kiss her beautiful breasts, taking her nipples into your mouth and sucking on the buds. Her eyes flicker beneath her eyelids. Her mouth drops open and she licks her lips moist.

“That feels so good,” she admits dreamily, “but I told you that I need you to fuck me, so fuck me.”

You grab her thighs then and she bends her knees, arching her back, giving you full access to her ass and pussy. You fuck her the way she has been begging you to do her and she groans your name over and over like a mantra.

“Victor! Victor! Victor!”

One of her arms shoots out and grabs you by the neck.

“What the-”

“Harder!” she says.

You pump your hips and she matches your rhythm, your bodies colliding against each other in a fleshy frenzy. You hope that the net holds out until you come.

It does. When you spurt your load inside her she wails with delight.

“Yes,” she says. “That’s it, Victor. Fill me with your seed. I want your cum inside me.”

You keep fucking her and now she is full of cum, except for what has squirted out between your cock and her labia. She uses her fingers to mop up any remaining cum and spoon it into her mouth. She licks her fingers meticulously and then she bends forward to push you back, squeezing you out of her, so she can suck your cock clean too.

“That was incredible,” you say when her lips finally release you. You flop onto your back and she crawls away over the netting. It occurs to you that she’s crawling as effortlessly as a spider over its web.

As she goes, you sense that you and she are not entirely alone and you begin to wonder why she picked you out of all those guys… and why she was so keen on having your cum in her… and why she’s in such a hurry to leave.

“Maybe we should have used protection,” you say.

“We did,” she laughs and her wet fingers trail on the ropes of the safety net. Then she blows you a kiss and she’s gone.

The End