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(Sex at the Circus, continued...)

You stride into the centre of the ring with a swagger, enjoying standing here. Not many people get to do this.

“Roll up, roll up!” you bellow for a laugh.

There is a bang and the marquee goes dark. Another bang — like a huge switch being flicked by a giant hand — and a spotlight beam picks you out.

You’re blinded by the light, but you hear boots approaching from the wings and the rattle of a chain.

“Okay, boy,” a male voice growls. It’s the ringmaster. He’s wearing a top hat and tails and tall, black, leather boots. “Now’s your chance to be part of the show,” he says. “I hope it’s everything you want it to be and more.”


“Get undressed, boy! The crowd’s waiting.”

As your eyes become accustomed to the light, you see that the ringmaster has Angelica on a chain attached to a collar around her neck. She is naked and covered in mud and sawdust and she crawls behind her master on all fours with her head bowed.

“Get your cock out, boy,” the ringmaster says.

“Do as he says,” Angelica implores you. “He’ll hurt us if you don’t.”

The ringmaster produces a whip and cracks it in the air, inches from your right ear.

“Suck him off,” he tells Angelica. “But don’t make him come.”

Angelica crawls over to you and her eyes linger on yours before she extends her tongue and licks your cock as though it’s a popsicle.

“That’s it,” the ringmaster says, licking his lips and turning to the ‘crowd’. “I want you to give us all a good show. That goes for you too, Victor. You’ll get your turn when she’s had her starter.”

She puts gritty fingers around your cock and keeps sucking, making slurping sounds and bobbing her head, fucking you with her mouth. You think you might come, but then the ringmaster cracks the whip in the air again and Angelica dutifully walks on all fours over to a pedestal, which she then climbs gracefully before presenting you with her ass and lowering her face and breasts to the platform floor.

“Go on, boy!” the ringmaster yells. “What are you waiting for?”

You grab her ass and inch your cock into her pussy. She’s very neatly-trimmed and her pussy lips are incredibly soft. Your cock passes into her, through the curtain of her flesh, and into her hot, red vagina.

“That’s incredible,” you say.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” says the ringmaster. “Remember, she’d better come, boy. Or you’ll wish that you ‘adn’t.”

You slide your hands over her naked back, leaving muddy smears on her smooth skin and all the while your pelvis is working, pumping your cock into her pussy and she’s grinding her pussy against you, wailing into the floor of the platform as if she is overflowing with pleasure and it’s cascading down around your feet.

The ringmaster circles the two of you, catching the beam of the spotlight here and there, addressing an audience that may or may not be imaginary; the light is too blinding to tell.

“People are complaining that they can’t see at the back,” the ringmaster informs you both. “Flip ‘er onto ‘er side, boy.”

You do as he says. The truth is that you were thinking of that anyway, because you want to reach around and squeeze her breasts while you do her. You sink easily into the new position. You’re such a good fit for each other that it’s incredible. Everything about her is perfect. She responds to your every idea, every fantasy, as if she was inside your head, as if your body was hers and her body was part of you.

You play with her breasts while enjoying the feel of her buttocks slapping against you and, of course, your solid cock deep inside her.

Then you have the ghost of an idea.

“Yes, Victor,” she breathes. “Do it.”

You slide your cock out of her and use the tip to nuzzle her anus. She sighs and wriggles against you, reaching back with her hand to guide you into her. You are both so wet that there’s no need for any additional lubrication and you find that you inch into her without much difficulty. Inch by inch, you push your way in. Inch by inch, she takes you.

“That’s good, boy!” says the ringmaster. “Now you’re using your initiative. You’ll go far, boy. Won’t you, boy?”

You ignore the ringmaster’s ravings. You caress Angelica’s beautiful breasts and trail your fingers over her rock-solid abs. She’s so soft and yet so firm. So many contradictions. So tight and yet so open. So demure and yet…

“I’m anything that you want me to be, Victor,” she says. “You can do anything to me. I’m yours.”

“For one night only, boy,” says the ringmaster. “Remember that. Make it count.”

You feel the approach of your orgasm and she must do too, because she chooses that moment to wriggle away from you. She pushes you onto your back on the pedestal and mounts you, but facing away so that you have a prime view of her ass. She leans forward and braces herself against your knees while rocking back and forth, raising her hips from yours and sitting on your cock, bouncing. It feels unbelievable.

“Make him cum, Angelica,” says the ringmaster. “This has gone on long enough. I’m starting to think you like him.”

She raises herself up off your cock and slaps her ass down onto your lap, over and over. She keeps this up for minutes on end without breaking a sweat. You’re exhausted just lying there. Her stamina is incredible.

You enjoy the show, glad that you’re not out in the audience this time. You watch as your cock disappears into her pussy and then reappears, wetter than before. She hovers for a moment, leaving you to look at her beautiful ass and anticipate entering her again and just when you think she is standing up and calling an end to it all she slams her body down onto you, knocking the wind out of you and making your cock feel amazing. You’re laughing with the pleasure of it.

“Enough!” growls the ringmaster. “Finish it.”

“Shame,” says Angelica. “I like this one.”

She sits back against you and grinds her pussy into your lap. You feel the walls of her vagina tighten, rhythmically, as she tenses and relaxes, tenses and relaxes, and you realise that you’re going to come very, very soon. You’re about to tell her so and she says:

“I know,” with a note of disappointment.

If sex with Angelica was incredible, then your orgasm is astronomical. You close your eyes against the glare of the spotlight, but enjoy its heat as a warmth of another kind washes through your body.

She keeps riding you until you are empty and then she hops off the pedestal to lick you slowly and carefully.

Her dark eyes flick up at you from time to time as she gives your cock her undivided oral attention.

“And there you have it, ladies and gentleman,” says the ringmaster. “Angelica will soon be pregnant with Victor’s child and in 9 months’ time another great performer will be born. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. Let’s have a big hand for Victor.”

“What?” you say.

Angelica is gone, swept away in a violet robe by the ringmaster. Applause comes from all around you, so it seems that there really was some kind of audience after all, and then the spotlight goes off with a clack, plunging you into darkness.

The End