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(Sex at the Circus, continued...)

“Fine, be like that,” you say and head around the outside of the marquee. Marquee? It’s just a glorified tent.

You’re about to tug some pegs out when you find yourself intrigued by empty stalls on the left. They look strange unmanned. They are so eerie and still that it’s hard to imagine them noisy and full of life. There’s a coconut shy and a line fishing game. There are a few glass boxes full of cuddly bears with a coin-operated grabber suspended at the top.

You pick up a plastic rifle. Although it’s unloaded, you hold it up to your shoulder and aim at the target.

“Your days are numbered,” you say.

“Not with aim like that,” says Angelica. Before you can turn around, she steps in close, slides her hands over yours and raises the barrel of the gun. You imagine those firm hands on your cock and it hardens. “Right a bit,” she breathes into your ear. You feel her breasts flattened against your back. “A little more. Now pull the trigger. Gently. Like this.”

Together, you put a hole through the centre of a paper target.

“What do I win?” you say, when she allows you to turn.

You see that Angelica is still made-up with her elaborate eye-shadow that curls up on either side of her face. Her lips are moist and painted red and very kissable. She’s no longer in the leotard, but a violet shawl, fastened at the neck, like a magician’s assistant or something.

“I’ll show you later,” she says. “First, I’m hungry.”

She leads you to the other side of the field where the food trucks are parked. You see signs for hamburgers and hot-dogs and fries, sweet pastries and cakes and drinks, but it’s all shut.

“You’re going to break in?” you ask.

“No,” she says and pushes you in through the archway of the candy floss store. “I’m hungry for you.” She has one hand on your chest and the other grabs you by the crotch.

She plants a kiss on your mouth and slams you into the back wall. You open your mouth to receive her tongue and she delves inside. She works on your shirt buttons and then pulls it loose, sliding her hands over your chest and moaning with pleasure. She places hot kisses all over your chest and stomach as she slips your belt through the loops and sides down your trousers.

You run your fingers through her raven black hair as she runs her fingers along your cock and takes it tentatively into her mouth. She groans, the way someone might groan during a massage after a hard day at work. You’re glad she feels good about sucking your cock, because you feel incredible.

She continues sucking and slurping and licking as she tugs down your trousers and shorts and removes them from the picture. Then she unclasps her violet garment and she’s kneeling before you, naked. The beauty of her body is like a physical blow. She slides one hand up between your legs and teases your balls, while the other slides down between her legs and begins moving in a circular motion, slowly at first and then vigorously, pleasuring herself so much that she loses concentration on your cock as she gets herself off.

“Lie down,” she whispers.

You lie on the floor alongside the candy floss machine and amid wooden sticks and fizzy drinks and paper cups. She sits in rider position, facing the doorway, not you, and pauses with her ass in the air and her wet pussy just above your erect cock. You’re tingling with desire to be inside her, but she keeps moving back until her moist pussy is above your face.

“Lick me,” she says and a moment later goes down on you. You feel your cock engulfed by her hot mouth and you reciprocate, licking her distinct clitoris and sucking it, making her shudder. She’s so wet that your face is soon sheeny and you lap at her thighs with your tongue.

Meanwhile, she is deep-throating you. She draws her lips up over the ridges of your cock over and over, as if drawing water from a well. You hold her tightly and you bury your face between her legs. She rides your face gently, fucking your mouth. Your fingers get in on the action too and you finger-fuck her until she wails.

Suddenly, her mouth becomes very, very wet and your cock feels cool and amazing. Her tongue is tapping at the head of your cock while her mouth surrounds you and then every muscle in your body tenses and you come, long and hard, deep into her throat. She grunts every time you buck.

You kiss her pussy and breath gently on the wet lips. She demands that you put your fingers back inside her and she comes around four of your fingers, stifling a scream of delight.

You return to licking her pussy, enjoying the taste of her. Intoxicated by her. Her scent is a drug and you can feel it working some kind of magic on you, holding you up and holding you down. When she crawls away, moving along the length of your body, your mouth feels useless, as though it was made only for licking her pussy.

Standing naked before each other, you grab her by the wrist, because you don’t want her to leave.

“Go away,” she says and then her eyes dart left and right. “While you still can.”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“I like you,” she says in a hoarse whisper. “We had fun. I’d like you to live to tell about it. So go. Right now.”

Angelica wraps the cloak around her and darts off into the night. You go after her, but you look left and right and it’s as if she was never there.

“That was a bit melodramatic,” you say.

You look down at your cock. It’s still hard, and wet. You can taste her on your lips, and smell her on your skin. Your sense of loss ebbs away and you begin to feel elated.

On your way home, you spot the big guy to whom you gave your token. He looks surprised to see you.

“Oi!” he yells.

You run home while you still can.

The End