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(Sex at the Circus, continued...)

You decide to play along and you put your hands out to be cuffed.

She wastes no time and slaps the first shackle to your left wrist.

The handcuffs are the real deal: heavy, cold and uncomfortable.


She drags you to the wall of the cage and your heart is beating fast as she slips the handcuffs through the bars and then attaches the second half to your right wrist. Somehow, the roles have become quickly reversed. Now she is outside the cage while you are on the inside. You laugh, but stop when she slams the door and locks it.

“How does it feel to be on that side of the bars?” she asks huskily. “Do you feel vulnerable? Do you feel scared?”

“Sexy,” you suggest coolly.

She whistles and in response you hear a deep, ground-shaking growl behind you.

“That’s not what I think it is, is it?” you say.

“It’s best not to talk,” Angelica whispers now. “And try not to be afraid. It can smell your fear.”

You demand the key to the handcuffs.

“I think I left them down here somewhere,” she says. She slides her hands down the bars and then grabs your crotch. “Yes,” she adds, caressing your bulge. “I think it’s in here.”

On her knees now, she undoes your zip and rubs her fingers up and down the length of your shaft.

“Good,” she says, looking at the size of it. “There’ll be no problem getting it through the bars.”

She puts in her mouth then.

“What are you doing!?” you hiss, glancing at the lion.

“What does it look like?” she mumbles with her mouth full. “Keep still. We’ve only got about five minutes before that lion realises this isn’t an act.”

Despite the presence of the lion behind you, your cock is still hard. Angelica’s lips feel marvellous against your cock. She’s working hard, alternating kisses with full-on sucking, licking you from balls to tip from time to time and continuing to use her hands at all times, sliding her long fingers over your thighs, your balls, your shaft.

Her mouth is warm and her hands are cool. You close your eyes and even forget about the lion padding around behind you. If you’re going to die, dying with your cock in a beautiful girl’s mouth probably isn’t the worst way to go.

She is gazing up at you longingly as she takes your cock deeper and deeper still. Her deep, brown eyes are wet and wide open, locked with yours and now there is no pretence and no more teasing. She simply needs you to come in her mouth.

“Oh, Victor,” she says, playing with your balls. “I want you to come on my face. And on my breasts. And in my mouth. Don’t disappoint me now. Do you have enough?”

There’s something about her voice that makes you want to come right then, but you don’t want this to be over yet, lion or no lion.

Angelica has your cock in a very gentle grip and she gives you the most incredible hand job. She seems to know you as well as you know yourself. She knows when to go slowly and when to speed up and just how much pressure to apply. She is one hundred percent in touch with your pleasure and her eyes never leave yours. She doesn’t blink.

“Remember,” she whispers. “I want it in my mouth.”

That’s it. You warn her briefly and then you unload a jet of cum straight into her face. She takes the second load in her mouth and the third splashes on her lips as she licks them. She lets cum dribble down her chin and over her leotard.

“That’s so good,” she says.

The lion grumbles and approaches.

“Now let me out of here,” you whisper.

She opens her beautiful mouth, sticks out her cum-covered tongue and there is a little silver key, which she takes between finger and thumb and proceeds to unlock the cuffs.

“You didn’t know I could do magic tricks too, did you?” she says as she swings the door open for you.

You run out of there as fast as you can, but when you turn you see that the cage is empty.

“Where’s the lion?” you ask.

“In your head,” she says, fixing you with an eerie stare.

“But I felt it coming,” you protest.

“As did I,” she says. “As did I.”

The End