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(Sex at the Circus, continued...)

“You don’t think you’re going to use those on me?” you say.

She hesitates, surprised but pleased, then hands them over.

“Where do you want me?” she breathes.

You cuff her to the bars near the door and they clang when she tugs at them. They’re secure.

At that moment, you hear a mighty roar behind you. A lion is sitting on a pedestal.

“What the fuck?” you say.

“That’s Leo,” she says. “He’s here to make sure that you fuck me good. If I don’t come in the next ten minutes, he’s going to rip you apart, so you’d better fuck me as well as you’ve ever fucked any girl.”

You pull her leotard down over her body like a second skin, revealing her beautiful spine and an expanse of naked flesh. She helps you by wriggling enticingly and soon you have her costume around her legs and a raging hard-on.

You use your fingers to assess her readiness and find that her pussy is incredibly wet.

“I want you,” she says. “See?”

She bends over even further to improve your angle of entry. Her skinny ass is so inviting. You hurry to slide your cock into her.

She’s tight, but very wet, and with a little pressure your cock is deep inside her and she pushes back against you, making sure that you have filled her up. You start thrusting then and she lets her head rest against the bars, immediately passive as you have your way with her.

Behind you, the lion is shifting on its pedestal. When you glance round, you see it yawn and its massive incisors glint, shinier than the bars of the cage.

“Forget about Leo, Victor. Focus on my body. That’s it. Keep moving. Now put your hands on my hips and move me. Squeeze me. Harder. Hold me.”

You slide your hands up and down the backs of her legs and she gasps, throwing her head back and crying out your name.

At this rate, she’ll be coming in less than five minutes let alone ten. You’ll both be able to walk out of this cage alive.

The juices from her pussy are sliding down her inner thighs, but she doesn’t come after all.

She sighs when you massage her breasts and whimpers as you run your hands over her firm body.

“I knew you were the one,” she says. “You were the only one who could make me feel… this… way.”

You reach around her hips to play with her clitoris as you continue to slide your cock in and out of her, but then she pushes you away with one hand.

“What are you doing?”

“I want your cum in my ass,” she says.

The lion is licking its paws.

Her ass is even tighter than her pussy and it takes a little patience to develop a rhythm, but her whines of discomfort soon turn to sighs of pleasure and the feeling of her body giving in to you turns you on incredibly.

She grips the bars suddenly and cries out, her body racked by the intensity of her orgasm.

You’ve been so focused on her pleasure that your own orgasm almost takes you by surprise. You feel your cum rising to the surface like magma from the earth. You spurt your lot directly into her ass and she laughs, a high-pitched, tinkling sound. You buck again and again. You’ve never had an orgasm this powerful before and now you’re roaring, not meaning to mock the lion, not even considering the lion behind you in that blinding, deliriously pleasurable instant.

You can feel the cum squishing against your cock, still inside her ass. You withdraw slowly, oh so slowly.

She’s trembling.

“How was that, Leo?” asks Angelica.

The lion licks its lips, lies down and closes its eyes to sleep.

“Let’s get out of here before it changes its mind,” you say and then you realise that you didn’t even think about the key to the handcuffs. You ask her if she knows where it is, hoping that they are not on the collar around the lion’s neck.

She kisses you passionately and in the midst of the embrace you feel something small and hard slide into your mouth, passed from her tongue to yours. The key.

You free her and she rubs her wrists, which are red and raw.

“I may be free, Victor, but I’ll always be yours,” she says. At the door, she looks over her shoulder and adds, with a petrifying glare: “And you’ll always be mine. Remember that.”

The End