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(Surprise Her, continued...)

You both climb into bed and hug close and roll as you kiss lightly and enjoy the feel of your bare skins touching and caressing. As you cling together and roll you feel Sarah’s pussy sliding over your body at times and leaving a wet trail of the evidence of her lusty love, as yours must be doing to her.

Finally you manage to get her on her back with you on top and your face is above hers as she whispers what you long to hear, “I want you.” Not too long of a statement but one full of meaning. To show her that you want her too, you slowly lower your lips to hers. You stick your tongue tip just out of your lips and move your head side to side, running that tongue tip over her lips before they part and you join in a long, sweet kiss. While still kissing, your one hand starts to travel lower onto her breast, palming the nipple while the other hand heads lower still.

You can tell that Sarah is hot when she gasps and lifts her pussy into your hand, relaxing her legs open for you. You begin to finger her with light caresses to her clit and she arches her back as she moans. This open wetness of hers is just too much to ignore, so you begin kissing your way lower and lower on her body. First down her neck and then up one of her breast mounds till you reach the hard nipple and you pause there to suckle. After a moment, and another moan or two, you move lower still, your lips leaving a trail of soft kisses over Sarah’s stomach and then into her sparse pubes and lower to her wide-open legs and her sweet pussy. You slide your hands under her ass cheeks and lift her sweet wetness toward your lips after admiring the wonder before you.

As your lips touch her she screams in ecstasy and you no sooner get your lips around her hard bud of a clit than she is bucking in her orgasm.

You keep your sucking lips on Sarah’s clit as she cums but finger-fuck her at the same time. This girl is hot tonight because just as you think that her first orgasm is subsiding, her vaginal walls clamp down on your fingers as if someone closed a vise and she’s off to the orgasmic races once more. You feel her holding your head against her as she gasps and calls out your name.

After a time to let her recuperate you feel the very real need for her. You roll together so that she is on top and then you manage to turn so that you can sixty-nine. Sarah is more than willing and with her horny help you soon have your mouth back at her clit and two fingers back inside her.

Sarah reaches for your hips and guides your wetness to her eager mouth and tongue as she moves in response to your licking even more. You sound like two women in pain with all your moaning, but what a wonderful pain it is.

She wildly fingers your pussy folds and sucks you to the brink. “Oh oh Sarah!” you cry, and then her pussy floods your mouth and face with her honey. Her cum is like an erotic trigger and the beautiful release of your own cum drenches her mouth. The more and harder that she cums the more and faster you suck and finger her, causing a harder cum which in turn causes more and on you go!! This wonder lasts too short a time but leaves you both wasted and collapsed on the bed beside each other.

You turn to like looking at Sarah, both lost in your own post orgasmic thoughts. Yours are about how lucky you are to be with and please this wonderful lady. All this time you can’t help but softly touch each other’s nakedness and after some cuddling you can see that the look of lust is still in her eyes.

She is eyeing your breasts and reaches to cup one, causing a shiver throughout your body. As she feels this she smiles and moves closer, first licking the breast mound and flicking her tongue tip over your hard nipple before sucking it between her lips. If you were a cat you would purr loudly but a few “Mmmmmm’s” and moans suffice to get your enjoyment across.

Sarah reaches a finger to your pussy and plays there as you draw even closer and she pulls you on top of her. You were enjoying the sucking at your breast and your bodies rubbing together, so when she thumbs your engorged clit you almost leap off of her. Almost. You’re not about to lose that wonderful ‘bed.’

Your need for her grows as she suckles your breast while fingering you, and through it all you revel in your closeness and the rubbing of bare skin on bare skin. Again, you are leaving wet evidence of your lust. She moves her lips from your nipple and you grab hold of the headboard as she pulls on your hips and together you move yourself to her mouth. If anyone is interested in the exact route taken, all they would have to do is trace the wet trail you’ve left on her.

You slowly lower your horny pussy to Sarah’s waiting tongue and lips only to start cumming as soon as she contacts you. You feel as if your life’s essence is draining into her mouth and you do not want to stop it, in fact you try to open yourself even more so that your cum floods her mouth and face and runs down to her neck.

You think that your orgasm is slowing in intensity until Sarah tongues your clit and then the fire of your orgasm floods over you again as you buck and moan and yell. This time you collapse beside her and struggle to get your breathing back to near normal. The joy of it all brings a tear to your eye, which she gently kisses away.

You kiss lightly and cuddle like the contented lovers that you are and then she giggles! Can your love-making have been that funny? But then she quickly whispers, “Thanks for stopping by.” And you understand and smile too.

After a kiss or two and an exchange of “I love you” you hold each other and, as you drift off to sleep the last real thought that you have is, “She actually thanked me!”

The End