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(Taking Liberties, continued...)

“Bend forward,” you command. Rachel does nothing to resist as you adjust her into position, elbows on the counter with her legs spread and ass out. You slide your cock into her panties through a leg hole and thrust it up and down between her cheeks, squeezing her buttocks around your shaft with both hands. You could play with her sexy butt all night.

You hear laughter from the other room and are reminded that the two of you are not the only people in the house. If you don’t want to be interrupted you had better get a move on. You pull your cock out of her panties and wriggle them down to mid-thigh, exposing her naked ass in all its glory. You can’t resist giving it another firm squeeze, this time delighting in the feel of her soft skin.

“Wait — what if someone — ” she begins.

“Shhh!” You force your hand between her legs and worm your fingers between her pussy lips and into her slit. She’s very wet down there.

“You’re dripping, Rachel. I knew you were a slutty girl,” you taunt.

“Now hang on!” she objects indignantly. “If you grope any girl’s butt for long enough she’s going to get turned on, but that doesn’t mean — Oh!”

You’ve stopped her complaining by quickly aiming your cock and thrusting forward hard, sinking deep into her warm, wet cunt, snagging and drawing her inner pussy lips in with you. You take her by the hips and start thrusting, slowly at first. After several long strokes you quickly decide that the sensation of Rachel’s pussy wrapped around your prick is one of your ten favorite things.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” whimpers Rachel to herself as she’s repeatedly penetrated while bent over the kitchen counter. As you pick up the pace the only other sound is that of your hips smacking against her quivering ass cheeks.

“You can’t just — uh — bend a girl over and — uh — start fu — uh — fucking her!” she grunts.

“Are any of these rules written down somewhere?” you ask, grabbing her tits through her dress and using them as hand-holds.

“No! It’s — oh — oh — obvious!”

“Well, I must admit I didn’t think it would be this easy,” you reply. You sneak a hand down and start tracing circles around her stiff, protruding clit, using pussy juice as lubricant.

“Ohhhhh,” Rachel sighs, her body shuddering.

Suddenly a voice calls out from the other room. “Rachel, are you in there?”

She gasps in fright, then shouts back, “Stay there, I’m cumming in a sec!”

You don’t want to make a liar of her. Your fingers dance over her clit in a blur as you shove your cock as deep into her pussy as you can, then pump her with a series of short thrusts, withdrawing less than half way for each.

“Ohhh — ohhh — ohhhhh!” she whimpers, shivering all over as her orgasm washes through her, making her instantly a lot wetter down there, coating your balls with juice. Without waiting for her to finish coming you decide to focus on yourself, pumping in and out of her quivering cunt as fast as you can, and in a few seconds you are coming too.

“Unnngghhh Rachel!” you groan, your cock pulsing and twitching as you pump her full of sperm. It’s been a few days since you last came, so she receives the maximum amount of gooey white love. You keep thrusting the whole time, her nether regions getting squelchier and squelchier, your commingled fluids oozing down her inner thighs.

You take a few gasping breaths when you’re done, then pull your cock out of her. A string of semen briefly connects your cock and her gaping hole before breaking and dropping down her leg. Her twitching pussy is oozing cum, and her ass and thighs are coated with it.

There’s a roll of paper towels on the bench nearby. You peel off a few sheets to wipe her clean, then get another and stuff it between her legs before pulling her panties back up into place and her dress back down over them. Then you wipe off your cock and tuck it away while she straightens up.

Rachel looks a bit dazed. You take her in your arms and kiss her deeply, your tongues entwined as you pant into each others’ mouths hotly. It occurs to you that this might’ve been a better way to begin the encounter, but you don’t have any complaints regarding how things panned out.

“Are there any other dumb rules I need to know about?” you finally ask her.

She ponders a minute. “Umm… no blowjobs in the bathroom later?”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

The End