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The Massage

Sandra is training to be a masseuse. One day she asks if you’d be willing to let her practice on you. You pretend to be reluctant but you actually feel a surge of excitement in the pit of your stomach. You’ve always liked Sandra, but you’ve never gone further than a kiss on the cheek. Now she’s going to rub her hands all over your body!

You feel a flutter of nerves as you press the doorbell. It’s like a first date! Sandra answers the door and welcomes you in. She seems genuinely happy to see you and grateful that you could help out.

As usual, she’s made an effort to look nice. Her blonde hair is nicely styled and she has just enough makeup to enhance her natural good looks. Today she is wearing a short yellow summer dress with a plunging neckline and no outward signs of a bra underneath. It really shows off her slim but curvy figure.

She leads you into the spare bedroom. Walking behind her, you notice that her legs look amazing in high heels and you catch the sweet scent of her perfume.

There is a massage table in the room and Sandra bends forward to adjust some towels over it. In doing so, she unwittingly gives you a nice view of her dangling breasts.

Sandra leaves you to strip down to your underpants and lay face-down on the table. Eventually she returns with a bottle of warm massage oil.

The massage begins and you both make small talk. It soon becomes apparent that Sandra’s technique needs work. It feels more like groping and stroking than a proper massage, but she is unaware of this. As you lie there, being oiled and fondled by Sandra, you start wondering what she looks like naked. Occasionally her hip or stomach presses against your hand. Before long, you have a raging erection. Luckily Sandra can’t see it because you are face down.

“Okay, turn over now and I’ll do your front” says Sandra.