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(The Massage, continued...)

Your cock is so hard you can’t possibly turn over or you’d die of embarrassment and make it very awkward for Sandra.

“Actually Sandra, what you’re doing feels really good. Can you keep doing that?” you say.

“Sure!” replies Sandra cheerfully, happy that she’s obviously doing something right. She had been worried that her technique was crap.

Sandra rubs your back for a while and you start to think your erection might subside, but then she decides to really get stuck in to the back of your thighs. With each deep, hard stroke up and down your legs she’s pushing your hips forward and back. Your cock is grinding against the massage table and eventually the tip pokes out of the waist of your underpants and starts rubbing against the rough towel. Soon most of your cock has worked its way out and is harder than it’s ever been in your life. You realize that the friction against the towel will eventually bring you to orgasm.

Sandra keeps going, oblivious to your dilemma. Pre-cum seeps from your cock on to your stomach and into the towel. You don’t think you can last much longer.

“How’s that? Should I keep going?” asks Sandra.