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(The Massage, continued...)

You look around the room and start to whistle nonchalantly in an attempt to divert attention from your massive hard-on. For some reason, this doesn’t work.

“Does that always happen when you get a massage?” asks Sandra eventually, with a coy smile on her face.

“Um, no, not usually,” you reply.

“Is it just me, then?” she asks, looking you straight in the eye. One of her hands slides further up your thigh.

You don’t reply, but your dick twitches visibly and draws her attention. She stares at it, still biting her lip.

“It’s big” she whispers, almost to herself. The hand on your thigh slides further up, the other she places on your hairy chest. You hold your breath, not wanting to break the spell.

Sandra traces a finger-tip over the front of your underpants, down to your balls, then gently up along the underside of your shaft. Your cock grows bigger and the head starts to poke out into the open. Sandra’s finger runs up and down a few more times, then she grasps your cock through your underwear and squeezes it firmly.

You groan and buck your hips involuntarily. This startles her and she draws back, suddenly aware that she has crossed a line.