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(The Massage, continued...)

You pull your cock out of your underpants and wave it around. “Look what you’ve done to me, Sandra” you say with a grin.

Her eyes widen and keep darting between your face and your throbbing truncheon. “Oh my God, what are you doing?” she whispers.

“Watch this” you say, releasing it from your grip and making it twitch by itself. “Not bad, hey?”

Sandra is now transfixed by the sight of your cock. “It’s certainly impressive, but I think you should put it away.” She glances to the door as if contemplating a getaway, then back at your cock.

“You’ve got magic hands, Sandra,” you reply. “This is all your fault! What are you going to do about it?”

There’s a long pause. Sandra’s cheeks blush red and she’s clearly conflicted, but there’s always been a mutual attraction between the both of you. You sense that you might have a chance with her if you play your cards right.

Sandra finally responds. “What do you suggest I do about it?”