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(The Massage, continued...)

You tell your girlfriend about how Sandra’s technique made you so horny you almost jizzed all over the massage table.

“Oh really” she says. “Well, I think that means I must have been neglecting you lately.”

She unbuttons then discards her blouse. You pull down the zipper at the back of her skirt and it drops to the floor.

She lies back on the bed. “You like Sandra, don’t you?” she asks.

“You know I do,” you admit. Your girlfriend knows you have lustful thoughts about pretty much anything with a skirt.

“Pretend I’m Sandra” she breathes. Instantly your cock is rock hard and you jump on top of her.

“Fuck me. Fuck Sandra. Fuck your filthy whore Sandra!” moans your girlfriend.

You pull her panties to the side and plunge your cock into her tight cunt. “Oh, Sandra!” you groan. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for ages!”

“Now’s your chance stud!” she pants. “Fuck Sandra’s slutty cunt! Nail that horny bitch!”

At times like this, you’re reminded about how much you really love your girlfriend. You pound her pussy, visualizing Sandra with her summer dress pulled up, her bra-less boobs bouncing around with each thrust. “Take it Sandra, you gorgeous slut!” you groan, and start spurting your seed deep into her.

“I’m cumming” she cries. “Sandra’s cumming!” She frantically rubs her clit and brings herself to orgasm just as you shoot the last of your load. You both collapse in a sweaty heap.

The next day when you get home from work, your girlfriend greets you at the door. She’s been to the hairdresser. She’s dyed her hair blonde and cut and styled it exactly like Sandra. She kisses you and whispers “Call me Sandra from now on.”

From this point on, your relationship starts to get weird.

The End